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I'm sorry I wasn't online to see this! I hope you'll come back sometime when I'm on.

Let me just add another voice to the chorus and say that SL isn't this horrible thing some people think it is. It's no worse than...you know...the rest of the internet. There's good, bad, weird, and drama. With a little common sense, it's not so hard to avoid the bad and the drama; there's no avoiding the weird, but that's at least half the fun, and the good is worth looking for.

I'm usually pretty quiet in the Brony group, but I occasionally join in a chat or attend a party. I can also sometimes be seen wandering around the Brony sims as a ponified King Dedede.

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>NO ONE can say this is a show for little girls after watching the finale

But it IS a show for little girls; to deny that is to miss the point Lauren Faust worked so hard to make: that a show can be for little girls without being ONLY for little girls, and that it can kick tremendous amounts of ass in the process.

Anyway, maybe this episode could change some neighsayers' minds if they were to watch it, but good luck getting them to do that. :\ I've tried to convince one before, a guy who I KNOW would like the show based on his other interests, and it's like talking to a wall. He just can't get over the "but it's for girls and I am a manly male masculine he-man" hangup.

It's endlessly frustrating, not to mention just plain sad, but what can you do? It's their loss. Let 'em stumble on in ignorance while we have fun without them.

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D'awwww, good job, you two! :D This gives me so many warm fuzzies, I'm getting a little choked up; I watch the show together with my own big brother.


"A little choked up" nothin'. Anyone got a tissue?