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This story introduced me to the Fallout series.

While I really enjoyed it, I don't quite get how this exploded as much as it did in the fandom. So many other well made stories appeared around the same time but were forgotten while this one only got more popular. I get that people can create stories based on the world it made, but why just this one compared to all the other world-building stories out there?

Shame I missed out on the physical release. At least I managed to pick up the physical copy of Pink Eyes.

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For only 6 minutes, a lot of it feels really out of place; such as the whole intro scene and the random guy walking through the portal. Maybe some of it will make sense with Pt.3, but overall, it just felt pretty mediocre.

While I liked their older episodes, I didn't even smile once while watching this one. I think the main issue was the bland vocals and poor/random jokes. Made me roll my eyes more than anything else. I think we need some more Sweetiebot scenes as she is the most interesting idea this series has created.

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Starlight turned evil because of a game of Jenga.

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Pinkie's 12 Days of Christmas is just the best.

12/12 Bowls of Ravioli, would hear again.

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Shame really. That song would have been perfect for pre-reform Diamond Tiara.

As is, Pop Fly's song is the only one I don't like. Never cared for that particular song to begin with, but having somepony like DT sing it would have made it palatable.

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Sweetie and AJ weren't related either, but the rules allowed them to compete together.

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Reminds me of Kyrospawn.

Oh God! I must've gone back in time and it's season 2 all over again!

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Piano players must be multitasking masters to be able to play things like this, and this is nothing compared to a lot of the piano music I've seen. Trying to keep track of all 10 fingers while simultaneously keeping up with the music staff would probably fry my brain.

No wonder many people are taught by special instructors. It's also one of the only instruments that I've never seen any school band teach.

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Tell Twilight to forget the return spell and hire myself out for protection. Even the hydra would have trouble dealing with a human of that size. Construction would also work, you'd be a living crane.

The only problem would be food. Imagine the amount someone of that size would have to eat in comparison to the ponies. Sweet Apple Acres' entire yearly crop would probably feed you for only a few days.

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Does anyone remember the time where we celebrated every million views? Those where the days!