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Didn't see the documentary, just wondered if they mentioned that Mo married a 6 year old child and raped her when she was 9. Apparently, she was one of his 'favourites'.

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No, it's not.

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Because rag-heads can't be trusted not to rape their camels, let alone run a country.

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He didn't have a heart attack. Only the first pathologist (Gov stooge) said that.

The three subsequent autopsies, by three different pathologists, all found that he died of severe internal hæmorrhage caused by blunt force trauma. This was from either the blow from the Old Bill or the impact with the ground as he went over.

The punishment for 'public servants' who abuse their powers so disgustingly should be so much more severe than under ordinary circumstance, because of the abuse and betrayal of trust and office.

Loss of house (if provided by the 'State'), loss of pension, enormous compensation to victim's family, quadruple the standard term in prison. The check side should be that they are more carefully selected, qualified and better paid.

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I hope they throw away the key, and give the soap-dodger a right good kicking too.

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If people think that by replacing one bunch of psychotic murderers with another, in the name of democracy, that it will prevent the terrible scenes such as those displayed above, then they are as mad as a muslim.

Give them all guns; the less, the better.

These scenes are soon to be repeated in a town near you, if they haven't already.

Cry, bleat, donate. It doesn't matter.You will have to either face them, or defeat them. Soon.

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Not my comment, comments playing games.

If you want a reply, here it is.

Christians are currently being slaughtered in; Gaza, West Bank, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan,Thailand, Laos, India, Pakistan, France, UK, USA and a whole lot more.

Go on, ask me to prove it. Tit.

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Glad I'm not the only one who can spot a spaz.

Oh, if only all muzzies could be replaced with Jews. what a beautiful world it would be.

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There is no mention of anybody killing anybody and stealing their organs in that link, nor of any being sent to Israel, just a corrupt official who offered to obtain one kidney. Nor was Israel as a state involved, they were all from New Jersey, USA.

China and India both allow the voluntary sale of kidneys, usually obtained from the poor for a pittance, but also harvested from executed criminals. These organs usually end up in America and Europe. Are China and India part of a Zionist conspiracy?

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To all of the above,

As Mike said, Jews and Israelis are not always the same thing as Zionists. Every nation has it's nutters, it's racists, it's supremacists. I simply do not believe that a nation the size of Wales, with a population smaller than Sweden, that is surrounded by enemies, within and without, is at any stage in the foreseeable future going to take over the world, nor is it part of some secret conspiracy that intends to either.

You can provide links to outrageous statements made by some Israelis. I can provide links to outrageous statements made by Mugabe, or Ahmedinijad or Gadaffi, amongst others, and they are not going to take over the world either.

You can post links to atrocities committed by Israel, sometimes against it's own people. I can post links to the chemical and nuclear experimentation by Britain on it's own service personnel, to the forced sterilisations of blacks and disabled by America on Americans, of the theft of aboriginal children in Australia, by Australians. So what?
Some men are just wicked, and every nation has its fair share of them.

That some kind of secret organisation is exerting undue influence on Western Governments, commonly known as NWO is obvious. That it is a Zionist conspiracy is not, and even if it were we should be slating America and not Israel, Communist/Neo Marxists and not the Jews.

I consider myself a nationalist. My nation is England, and by extension the alliance of nations formerly known as Great Britain. I could not care less what foreign Governments are doing in foreign nations. It is none of my business, so long as they are not acting against us. The most immediate threat to both us and world at the moment is Islamic domination and subjugation of Western nations. They most certainly do want to obliterate our culture, religion, wealth and identity, they openly admit it, repeatedly, and they are doing a damn fine job of it so far. Israel as a State is our ally, our only ally in the Middle East.
The last time I looked, BNP policy was to keep it this way.

I would not be so rude as call someone, particularly a nationalist, who disagreed with me a 'tosser'. It doesn't change people's opinions and closes opportunity for discussions. If the only opinion allowed is the prevailing one, and anyone expressing a difference of opinion is vilified, perhaps I should make do with the LibLabCon, as these are their tactics as well.