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Just another lazy government union worker? I think not.

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If they wear orange hoods they'll just look like big safety cones.

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Graciously accept defeat in this one battle. Likewise don't gloat in victory. That's just unfair to those of us who would have gloated if Barrett had won and expected you to be gracious. Let's just hope that the folks in Wisconsin remember that for every person that got what the wanted the person standing next to them did not, and that they temper their policies accordingly and don't forget to collaborate with that person to make a better place, because half of an America cannot and will not survive.

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Ollie North can kick Jack Bauer's a**. Ollie North is real, Jack Bauer is fictional.

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Why are they protesting a guy who brought a great health care plan to Massachusetts? His great ideas were the inspiration for Obamacare. So if you like Mitt you have to like Obamacare. Anything else would be inconsistent and psychotic.

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Yeah that whole Mensa thing I belong too just has nothing compared to the Tea Party.

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That's the best you got...cheap shots?

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Well, I went down there today. I am not a teacher and I do not work for a union, am not a member of a union, nor do I stand to gain one way or another in this matter. But after doing my own research the one thing I know is that the union haters in this thread of comments are 100% wrong.

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Our standards used to be pretend you don't see anyt;hing, pretend you don't know anything, all is well, Ozzie and Harriet, Mike and Carol are reality. Those who only look back never see forward. We had these same issues when I was in high school. They were only discussed in hushed tones if at all. I wonder what the statistics look like if you examine the ages of the offending teachers. In other words are we seeing more offenses from teachers in an older age group or a younger. If it is significantly in the older category it would be questionable to argue about the way things used to be. When people reminisce too much I always think about the old Archie Bunker theme song...

Boy the way Glen Miller played
Songs that made the hit parade
Guys like us we had it made
Those were the days....

It's fantasy.

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That give the kid exactly what they want. The disruptive kid wants to be removed from the situation they are in. By removing them you've simply taught all the others that there is a method of getting out of the classroom if they want. It just doesn't work.