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Psst -- don't look now but here's their not-secret Arab Muslim dwarf-tossing owner.

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The worst thing about these comments from war-mongering schmucks and liars like Emerson and their hate-squad broadcasters at FOXNOOZ is not just that they aren't true.

It's that they are, on their face, utterly ridiculous.

Birmingham is a city of over a million people. It's arguable the city that launched the British Industrial Revolution.

I am pretty sure that if it had become all Muslim, such that non-Muslims did not go there, people might have heard about it before and from more significant sources than Emerson and his mysterious 'sources' (i.e., his ass).

Instead Birmingham is now where all the Bigfoots live and no mere humans even dare to enter.

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This is how the Romans achieved their heated floors so long ago.

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'So most of the charges to keep up the grid aren't in the section of the bill where we bill you fees and tell you it's for paying for the grid, but hidden in your electrical use charges. Now, yeah, we'll keep charging you maintenance and grid upkeep fees, but that's just because we want more money.'

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"Presidents used to be taller. Presidents used to be a hundred feet tall and you could only vote with your heart. The president used to be a buffalo chasing an eagle that was reciting Keats from memory..."

Hilarious and spot-on.

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Mark Twain never truly appreciated the parts of the New Testament which took place in the Old West. He just wanted to talk about the fancy sections where Jesus visits New York, but he never wrote about the Sermon at the Alamo.

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The important thing is that he had the requisite 3 names for proper venal Southern redneck identification.

It wouldn't be right if it were Bill Turnage, or William Turnage; no, it had to be Billy Joe Turnage.

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You don't need a bunch of scientists in order to figure out what's going on.

All you have to do is speak really, really confidently and be able to look 100% like you believe what you are saying.

That's how Paul Ryan knows what science can and can't do.

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Best Tom Friedman column ever. Just edit out all the non-Batman parts and it would have been perfect.