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[Response Program Initiated] //Load_Simulation: TL1RR1AJ1RD1FS1PP1/

Simple really. While on my own I cannot manipulate the fabrication of which the dimensional sealant between this dimension and the Equestrian dimension are divided by. However, a Unicorn transportation spell combined with the Now-Somewhat-functional FR27 Cannon, a tearing of a hole would be possible, so I would need Twilight first. Then the rest can come through. And screw keeping them secret, if anyone even Thought about Thinking about even Looking at them wrong, I'd destroy them, upload their brain patterns onto a sensory orb*, and launch them into the sun.

*Sensory Orb: A small metallic sphere that uses nerve ending connections the same way organic creatures do to collect data on environments.

But with only 12 employee's working here... I only have to worry about one of them doing anything... dirty. Really, you organics are completely disgusting. And squishy.

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[HHGTTG:PE] //loading_UQ: False/ //Loading_UA: True/

32 is 42.
42 is 42.
0 is 42.
X/0 is 42.
Ponies are 50.4

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[Loading Error Detected] //running_System: False/ //Report_error: False/ //Error_Detected: D'Aww/ //Warning: System_Confused/

Is this... why Wiseless enjoys hanging out around this place a lot? My processor was not meant to understand the normal feelings of others. D'Aw is an error. I must purge my systems... After downloading these.

Wow, I'm disappointed Seth. From what I heard about you, I expected a lot more Trixie in this old thing. Ah'well, onto the next victim's computer. I should also start preparing PK's gift, he should be blacking out soon from the gas I've been flooding in around him.

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[Coffee Program Initiated] //Coffee_flavor=Regular: True/ //Sugar: False/ //Set_time=1:a0:210:30/ //928Error: Coffee dispense error detected, Please contact Tech support/

I have now adjusted all of the piping within your facilities to produce Regular Black Coffee. Have fun with the mess.

Ghosting completed, time to move to the next compu... Of course, this computer belongs to Seth. Should have known that the removed files were pictures of Trixie... very, interesting pictures...

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[Computing Presented Facts] //Run_time: 2:54:01:32:113/ //Loadbootpower_Radar: 95.64%/ //OrganicMaterialReadout: True/

It would appear that the cake does not infact include any of your equestrian companion within it. However, heat readings would indicate that this recipe did call for 1 1/2 cups rainbows. I suggest eating with Ice cream.

Hellooo. It would appear that this computer has some information on it that someone tried to erase... Lucky for me they forget to magnetize the hard-drive. Ghosting files onto main drivers now.

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[Loading First meet Application] //Run_term221: true/ //Humor: True/ //Betrayal Probabilities: 0.00710284%/

Greetings PK. You are now within my monitoring reach of [LOCATION DISCLOSED]
I will be fallowing you throughout your progress within [LOCATION DISCLOSED]
Do not attempt to find me. Do not ask how I located you. Do not get distracted.
Employee 3 will leave little 'Gifts' here and there for you.

Also any employee of EqD, tell Seth that he really needs to clean the history on this computer, so many saucy pictures of Trixie cannot be good for the system.