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The Winter Sun has had its fill, setting upon the horizon. Celestia prepares to take a well earned sleep, whilst Luna wakes to a glorious time. This isn't Nightmare Night, oh no sir. This is the day that Winter embraces the Moon as long as it can. Knowing only one day, one night, Luna can truly relish in. She waits patiently every year for this moment, as does her sister for the Summer Sun. Patience lingers, and yet Luna hangs on, knowing the payoff it brings. The ponies all around looking up, anxious to see her creation, her symbol, her life; one can imagine the joy that is embraced.
The time nigh, the wait near obsolete, Luna is ready to put upon her own party in the stars. Lifting the spherical planet with pride, she raises it high and mighty. This is the Moon-Luna's Moon. The ponies below gape in wonder as the sight beholds their eyes. Luna soaks it all in, taking great pleasure and faith that her Moon will continue to serve as a symbol of peace and solace in the hearts of her little ponies. Thus the moonlight casts upon all; The night is long, but beautiful. The ruler of the night casting a grand stage that any and everypony can participate. It's time to celebrate the glorious realm of Luna, once again.

Happy Winter Solstice!!! Praise The Moon!!! :D

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Yeah, my mom is like that too. Good thing my house is in a decent location. Do you live in Wyoming?

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Prepared two days ahead for this!! Got my telescope and everything!! Just one little eensy-teensy little problem...

WHY HAS THE PEGASI CALLED FOR PARTIAL CLOUD COVER!? Maybe it's a joke? I dunno. The clouds however are starting to scatter. Maybe Luna doesn't find their joke funny? :o *gasp*

Anyways, I'll be somewhere around the Rt.10-Rt.13 Intersection in Camden DE. If anyone wants to join me in this rare phenomenon that Luna has granted us, please stop by!! There isn't any food or services I can offer other that us watching the night sky. However, Luna's Big Red Mooning is the only thing that my eyes hunger. And it will be such a glorious sight to behold. :P

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Solaire praises Celestia.

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I see what you did there. ;)

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Sort of. It's this.

*( [asterisk followed by a parenthases with a slash (can be reversed)]

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Wait....Oooooooo!!! yay!!

*moments later after Nappa gets his a$$ kicked by EqD*

Vegeta: waitwaitWAIT NAPPA!!

Nappa: *falls to Vegeta's knees* Whaaahaaaaaaat....?

Vegeta: EqD's pic level increased while you were fighting. So I guess that means-

Nappa: Don't you eve-

Vegeta: It's over 8000. *takes Nappa's scouter off the ground* Rah! *crushes scouter*

Nappa: ......f*ck you.

Vegeta: *smirks* Whatever. *Throws Nappa sky high and blows him up*


Vegeta: Ohhohohoo...How delightful...

........That got dark really quickly. Anyways, IT'S OVER 8000!!!! YAY!!


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.....f*ck it, I'm doing it anyways.

Nappa: Vegeta! What did the scouter say about EqD's picture count?

Vegeta: *takes off scouter* IT'S OVER 8000!!

Nappa: ...No, it's not...

Vegeta: Screw you, I'm doing it anyways!! *crushes scouter*

Man, missed it by 15 pics. God dammit, Nappa-er, EqD....



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#566 My highest number yet!!

It's been a pleasure to draw with you guys! Have a great year, and stay pony, my friends. ;)

So, how do you guys think you did these past two weeks and a day?

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247!! Not bad!! :3