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Season 3 time!

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2. Yeah, that's my feeling as well. Both characters got so caught up in their egos that neither of them was willing to give any middle ground or actually communicate when the nudity issue was brought up in the first place. Henry's attitude made him come across as unwilling to take direction, and that's when there *ought* to have been a dialogue to reconcile Geoffrey's director's vision (making Macbeth a vulnerable and human character) without crossing a boundary an actor is uncomfortable with (onstage nudity). As has been pointed out, the same vision could have been served with a shirtless washing. And then maybe there would have been an earlier confrontation over the fact that Henry just didn't *want* to perform the role in any way that deviated from how he'd interpreted it before.

ETA: I don't want to put the onus on Henry for starting a dialogue with his director. That should have been Geoffrey's responsibility.

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explicit innuendo = soft PG-13
but romantic m/m kiss = hard R

(then again is that much different from the way western media handles things?)

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I attended a panel at Otakon where they discussed this issue. Now, I'll admit I'm not versed on broadcasting issues in Japan, this is just my understanding of what was discussed, so if I'm mistaken I apologize. Essentially, it was brought up at the panel that broadcasting in Japan has more rigid censorship rules about what is allowed to be shown on TV at certain times of day, and that in order to keep the rating for the show what is was (as a sports anime) AND have a decent broadcast timeslot, they needed to "obscure" the kiss with Victor's shoulder.

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I'd say the same if we hadn't gotten "PARTY GUY, NO!" just a few episodes ago

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I'm sure someone has done fanart for it already, but I'd love to see Rose in one of those monochromatic jumpsuits that Jasper and Peridot wear.

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I love everything about this episode and other people are going to state why far more eloquently. ♥

That said, I find it just a teeny bit ironic that Pearl disparages having a fountain in one's hotel room when her entire room in the temple is made of fountains ;)

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I had a moment talking to my friend where I was like "Awww, Yellowtail throws off the name theme" until she pointed out to me that a popular sushi combo is yellowtail and scallion

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I agree so much with both of your points. For me, it's the difference between parallels and allegory. There are certainly *parallels* that can be drawn between fusion and sexual relationships, romantic relationships, friendship, trust, intimacy, and consent. But I don't see fusion as an allegory for one kind of relationship in particular, especially because that both simplifies fusion and can create a lot of unfortunate implications.