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Regarding Pratchett revisiting old characters, I felt that way about "I Shall Wear Midnight", which came out after "The Embuggerance" had become public knowledge. Eskarina Smith making a reappearance after such a long absence felt like a "goodbye" at the time. Little did I know...

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Here's a Steeleye Span song featuring Gay Woods on lead vocals. Many casual Steeleye Span fans will attribute this, as well as some others, to Maddy Prior. Not to take anything away from Ms. Prior, whom I love, but Gay Woods often doesn't get her fair share of credit. In fact she often seems to be forgotten or ignored, and I think she has a heavenly voice.

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I was going to share this video, but you beat me to it. Steeleye Span is a musical treasure. I would like to point out, and other fans may find this to be unnecessary, the incredible voice of Gay Woods, and how her voice supports the other vocalists. Maddy Prior is generally thought of as the female voice in Steeleye Span, and she is undeniably amazing, but Gay Woods rarely gets credit for her contribution to the group's vocal sound. If you listen to their recordings, Ms.Woods is featured on the occasional song, and her voice is spectacular. When she is singing "backup" she adds so much to their sound. All around, an incredible musical ensemble. I have absolutely no doubt that Pratchett was a big fan of Steeleye Span. Monstrous Regiment contains references that I would claim is proof of his liking of Steeleye Span and their music. I suspect it was a mutual admiration sort of thing.

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My apologies. Rudeness was not my intent. I deleted the comment.

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Michael Pollan addresses the true history of Johnny Appleseed in his book "The Botany of Desire." The JA story is a small part of one chapter, but the book is a fascinating look at four plants that influenced human history and were, in turn, influenced by human history. Anyway, he makes the same claim about Johnny Appleseed.

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"When banks fail it is seldom bankers who starve". I am continually struck by how frequently Pratchett described in the Discworld events that had yet to transpire in the Roundworld. Possible minor spoiler for this book: Va "Tbvat Cbfgny", choyvfurq va 2004, ur hfrf gur cuenfr "Gbb Ovt Gb Snvy" orsber vg ragrerq pbzzba hfntr, jvgu pncvgny yrggref, va qrfpevovat gur penfu bs 2007 naq gur rafhvat onvybhg ol gur Bonzn nqzvavfgengvba bs, abg gur jbexref jub jrer fhssrevat, ohg gur onaxref jub pnhfrq gur penfu naq cebsvgrq sebz vg. Vg fbeg bs oybjf zl zvaq n yvggyr ovg. Bs pbhefr, Irgvanev unaqyrq riragf fbzrjung qvssreragyl guna gurl jrer unaqyrq urer.

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The moment where Mark realized what GNU followed by a name actually means practically brought me to tears. I have seen it used for so long that I had forgotten that its meaning isn't obvious to everyone. There have been people close to me that have had their names attached to GNU, and, of course, Pratchett himself. I was unexpectedly moved by Mark's realization.

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I work for a non-profit organization that provides support for adults with developmental disabilities to enable them to live independently and have control over their own lives. In my state of Wisconsin, we used to be the model for how to provide support for people with disabilities. Thanks to our governer (sic) Scott "Shit-Head" Walker (yes, the same guy who ran for president in 2016 in the Republican primaries on the platform of building a wall between the US and Canada - that's not a joke, I wish it were) we spend more time and money fighting with the for-profit insurance companies who now administer our program (administering = denying funding whenever possible, thanks, Scott "Shit-Head" Walker) and less time and money providing direct support. Everyone, from the people we support to the people in our organization who provide the support, is frustrated, and/or over-worked. The only people who are benefiting are the CEOs of the for-profit insurance companies (and friends/donors of Scott "Shit -Head" Walker) who now fund our organization and similar organizations. It's important to note that Walker's policies (he didn't write them as he isn't that smart - they were written for him before he ever took office) are now being promoted on a national level. Wisconsin, which was once one of the most progressive states in the country, was the pilot program for what is happening now, much to our shame. If they could get away with it in Wisconsin, they could do it anywhere. Sorry about the rant. The topic is a sensitive one for me.

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One word whose pronunciation was corrected was the word "draught", which is always pronounced "draft" - draught beer, a draught of beer, a draught from the window - it's always pronounced as if they were spelled "draft", never pronounced as if it's spelled "drawt". I got the sense from Mark's response that he thought it was only in that particular context and sometimes pronounced differently. That said, I felt kind of bad for Mark constantly having his pronunciation corrected. It's the sign of someone who reads a lot, and I guess it sort of goes with the territory. I, too, have found that I have mispronounced words for years simply because I never connected the written word with the spoken word. Ululate would be one example of a word that I saw written, came up with what I thought was the correct pronunciation, and years later discovered I was very wrong. Nonetheless, it was very enjoyable to watch this section with a live audience.