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No, she'll still want the taxpayers to pay for the brown bag over her head!
Seriously, have you seen this woman?

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This post put terrible images in my brain that are not easily erased!

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Flynn was also Fidel Castro's original celebrity syncophant and Kwai written by Marxists. I'll go with Sands Of Iwo Jima or Hell Is For Heroes!

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In a perfect world maybe.
In the real world though, pompous revisionist filmmakers can and do pack their films with whatever extra dialogue and situations they see fit, however dumb (Ever seen Tromeo And Juliet?) and still call it Shakespeare if they want.The bard is not in the position to ask his name be taken off the credits!

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Is it though?
It seems like they can "update" it real easy, if ideology demands it.
I'll keep an open mind though.

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I don't trust this movie.
The trailer's good. However, it looks like it might possibly be loaded with leftist drivel, especially with Comrade Redgrave involved and The Guardian slobbering all over it!

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Remember Born American, with Chuck Norris' son Mike and directed by a young Renny Harlin? I declare it the greatest Finnish movie ever made!

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Maroon 5 hates Republicans. Mike Love is a Republican. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to connect those dots!

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This isn't the first new Hammer film. There's at least three others that precede it, including the theatrically released Let Me In.
Another one I saw on DVD was Wake Wood, which despite it's inability to resist a lame "twist" ending, was actually a pretty decent throwback to Hammer's past English village-set thrillers like The Witches, Plague Of The Zombies, and The Reptile.

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Is this the same Joe Carnahan who not that long ago compared white conservatives to Jihadists? Now he's calling himself a right winger! Does have a split personality or something?