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I can only be grateful that the obamas care about wild animals, apparently more than they care about the tax payer, considering that they canceled the trip because they were worried sharpshooters might kill the animals if they appeared to pose a threat to them.
They couldn't have cared about the perception that their trip was excessive wa$te, but heaven forbid their base might judge them for animal cruelty !!

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Let's make a bet...:-)...
It's different when it's just individuals stepping out of line. Liberals happily descend upon them like a swarm of killer bees.....But a significantly large group of blacks is "Untouchable"
Liberals know better than to offend a voting block.

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The title word " Infest" is appropriate. These 'people' are vermin and should be exterminated as such...!!!

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Black marchers have at least one thing in their favor...they won't be called "racist" , because liberals have a clear sense of what each racial group is allowed to do, because liberals see life through the prism of race, because liberals are the worst racists on the planet.

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Exposing this woman was Michele Backmann's crusade, and she was run out of DC for doing that.

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I don't think it's about being black. I think it's about being most vulnerable. Islamists will exploit anyone they perceive to be less powerful. That's why women have a target on their backs, too!!

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So, basically, any pimple faced teenager with a camera can now vie for top prize at the Cannes Film Festival.

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OK - I'm fine with that if you can agree that I don't have a problem... :-)

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You're falsely comparing brutal dictators to liberals/ progressives/ what-ever-they-are who are trying to provide a false utopia, where most everyone has at least a minimal existance - at the expense of those who have more.

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(I understand what you're saying, but I can't agree with it. We were ALL made in the image of God. As such, somewhere deep inside everyone is an innate knowledge of right and wrong. )

But if you truly believe that what you are doing serves the greater good, be it illegal or unethical, your actions, however wrong in the eyes of God, or the law, or the general public, become justified.
This is how they think!! They believe they know what's best for us. They have always believed that. And they're going to do what's best for us no matter what laws they have to break. They believe they are RIGHT.
Even lying under oath becomes 'right'.