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God could have stopped this tragedy but must agree with priests who abuse children as the peoples god knows everything so he must have wanted to have these children for his own. Why thenthe question why were they born in the first place when he knew they would have a tragic death.
We all know that gods are imaginary but I agree Presidents will say what there mainvoters want.

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Saw Frisky andMannish last night in Brighton. I have not laughted so much. Their act is brilliant and so true to life. Put them on television so they can brighten everyones day.

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Great News. It is shocking that he has to go in to hiding, as stated in The Times, to get away from these vicious people. We just cannot just let in fundamentalists and those who want to kill us and stone us, and not admit someone who is not promoting hate, surely we have moved on.
Why are these people who wish harm on those who do not agree with them allowed to promote evil things like stoning and lashing? Go back to medieval times I think not. I want freedom of speech but do not want to be told I will reap a terrible death, if I just criticise without hatred or malicious.
How about Lord Ahmed who denies the holocaust. He is protected. One law for us and one law for Muslims is not right...

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Great. I went yesterday to see Ricky Gervais new film Invention of Lying.
So brilliant yet so simple to the point. I had a great laugh so loud, a laugh not reciprocated by many..
How god was created is the theme.I will not tell you any more as you have to see it for yourself. I believe if it was not Ricky that made the film this would not have been shown.

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Alan I am glad you bought up this subject. Count me in.

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you are not being serious are you, surely not. Which Jesus is to return as I believe there were many disiples who claimed exactly what Jesus claimed. He was after money and power so I suppose he was not that different from Benny Hinn after all.

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I am terribly frightened of what is happening, how those who only have hatred in their hearts are tolerated. I do believe in free speech when it can help and advance humanity in the World but these so called religious who spout hared to another cannot be normal.
In this day and age explain someone to me how they are getting away with all this hatred and Religious leaders although some do not condone it they do not speak out against it.

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Why does the subject come down to people outside the family, who have no interest in those dying. If they were I am sure they would fund a stay in Switzerland for the sufferer to get hep. Their god will not help me as he thinks I should go to hell anyway.
Take each case seperately. My body is my body.

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great idea. When can I join.

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Evil, just evil, if they believe that a god wants boys to be abused they are insane. Still i suppose if you say you believe in god you can get away with anything you like.__ Stop this practic e, I suppose it will still be going on for many,many years to come.__ Nobody in priveledged positions care a jot about what happens to others as long as they can live in luxury.__