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I love how everyone discredits brasil and totally forgets about a very solid venezuelan team that played their hearts out.

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If Iniesta is injured I would like to see Pep innovate... maybe play Messi in the Iniesta role and keep Pedro/Afellay/Villa up top. That would shake up things for Madrid...

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We are paying for poor quad planning.
We have 14 players.
Jeffren, Afellay and Bojan are either good enogh or they are not. No team can play the same three forwards week in and week out for the full year and expect them to perform.

Pep either has to play them more or let them go... Afellay in particular is the #11 of the Dutch team.. and het gets los minutos de la basura.. nobody is going to prove his worth in 10 minutes.

Madrid bench is a big advantage here

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your ideas suck! stop posting them.

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horrible ideas... Chiellini is not even the same type of player as Puyol, Robben will never be at Barca and Pedro would never be a sub for Robben. Hes earned his spot on the first eleven.. wtf is wrong with you lol

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La Liga is managed like a third world country.

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And after you pay off your debts you have a healthy institution that can invest in the future. Think long term.

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Itsn ot based on audience, its based on position of the table. #01 makes the most money and you go down until the last place. The teams getting relegated get a balloon payment to help them cope with relegation and not go bankrupt. Once again, look at the EPL or the Bundesliga.

PS: Our Segunda Division is sad too..

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I am sorry but you do not really understand how big the problem is, I have been a Barca fan for 20 years and I have seen it get worse and worse.

We spent $40M on Ibra and then another $40M on Villa... Malloraca is going into administration for less than $60M. This team finished in the top 10.. and its not like they have spent money on players.. they even sold their captain and most of their more markeatable players.

Mallorca finished on the top side of the league and they almost went into administration, they could not even go to the Europa League and even if they did their squad wasnt deep enough to compete. In England and Germany, the last team on the table makes more money from TV revenue than our 8th placed team makes.

You talk about these teams needing to improve their canteras.. but their canteras are damn good, Sevilla, Villareal, Atletico, Valencia, Mallorca, Getafe... where do you think they get most of their players? Their canteras are so good that they go further in Europe than teams like Manchester City and Liverpool that have a lot more income.

I do not want the spanish league to become another scottish league and slowly but surely thats where we are heading. The EPL and the Bundesliga are growing and growing because they are better managed leagues... Think La Liga cant fall? Look at Serie A.

The "agreement" is ridiculous, Barca/Madrid get almost 40% of TV revenue without needing to do anything...

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I am ashamed that Barca is supporting this strike... the LFP has a lot of things that need to be fixed like the distribution of revenue among clubs. As a club we should want a better league, the rest of the clubs need to be able to compete from a financial perspective. Almost half the clubs in La Liga could not pay Messi's salary if they used all their TV revenue.. look to England/Germany, there is a reason those leagues are growing...