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These designs are all amazing! Tons of personality! ... I just wish they didn't put the text on it :(

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The minimalist art style really speaks to me!

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Sounds like the old family favorite, Pony Fights 2: http://www.homestarrunner.com/cheatcommandos4.htm...

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*sigh* Yet another falling pegasus picture. Feels so ... emo. :/

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#5 This is genius! I think a whole series based on the character classes from Final Fantasy Tactics would be awesome!

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Someone really needs to release some quality 4th Gen kites--those'd be the coolest things ever. (I've recently been bitten by the kiting bug, if you couldn't tell). I found this awesome, 3-D nylon dragon kite, and thought to myself, if they made a Rainbow Dash kite like this I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

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I had the pleasure of seeing Equestria's Greatest Flier (Ashleigh Ball) in concert last night in Salt Lake City, UT--she was absolutely amazing! Mad flute/vocal skills! The whole Hey, Ocean! band was phenomenal. If you have a chance to see them while they're touring the U.S. do it!

As an aside ... bronies ... take a shower ... that is all.

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Thanks for posting these summaries! It's so great to hear from and about the people that work on the "other side" of the screen!

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Yeah, this episode was a slightly-rushed intro to a new dynamic that we'll need to wait six months to see the fallout of. The 22-min episode format shackles the writers quite a bit I suspect (maybe, one day, we'll see freedom from the programming grid, with shows like Netflix's House of Cards, and the like showing the way).

But, that aside, I agree, this /could/ go poorly, but I'm optimistic. :)

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I was (and still am) in the Twilicorn-is-okay-by-me camp. I think it's interesting when characters change and grow over the course of a series--it's really the only format that you /can/ do something like this, and even then, some shows (e.g. simpsons, Samurai Pizza Cats, etc.) elect not to exploit that feature, choosing to be a problem-of-the-week-only kind of show. I'm not saying those are bad--they're just the norm.

What I hope is that they embrace the change idea a bit more (no perpetual cutie-mark crusaders!), perhaps even mix in some aging, etc. Of course, change for change's sake isn't always good, but neither is stagnation. Moderation, and so on, and so forth.