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I thought they were referring to the progressive movement, but I wanted clarification. I do understand what the progressive movement is and how they have indoctrinated our youth. This video is also disheartening because our culture is now focused on the youth. The youth culture used to be a distinct and seperate sub-set of the adult cutlure and now they are one in the same. Our country is headed for even worse problems when Generation We takes over, which is exactly how the Progessives have planned it. Without proper education of our founding principles, this movement won't be reversed. That being said, how many generations do you think it will take to reverse this movement? Can the younger generations be re-educated or are we dependent on their children?

Robert S.

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Part 2 of my comment:

The public school system also isn't teaching the true history of this nation. Many amazing inventions have come from the previous generations which were supposedely less educated such as automobiles, computers, the internet, and even landing people on the moon. Something that really concerns me is that Generation We feels they are entitled to everything without the effort that our parents and grandparents invested to obtain success. The hard work and diligence from our ancestors, though with good intentions, has created a spoiled generation of people! Just one more thing and I'll stop ranting. I believe Generation We will be eager to give up their freedoms and liberty to advance the progressive agenda they have been indoctrinated with.

Robert S.

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This video reminds me of where we are headed as a nation. Did you notice Generation We is "socially tolerant" and "progressive" I'm not sure if they were using the phrase progressive in political/social terms, or being the generation to make progress. I also noticed one of the phrases states this generation is better educated than their parents. I would have to disagree with this statement, because having more knowledge of the world doesn't mean you are better educated. As science and technology is advancing, I think kids are actually receiving less quality educations through the public school system. Haven't you seen the clips of Jay Leno streetwalking and asking relatively easy questions to passer bys? Young people can't even get geography questions correct!

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Thanks for making this addition to the forum. It is so much easier to read now!

Robert S.

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Welcome to the FOC forum. The events taking place in this country affect everyone, no matter what religious or non-religious affiliation you represent. Glad to have you here!

Robert S.

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Thanks for the insight. I didn't know that our military adopted tactics originating from Israel. During the 6 Day war in 1967, which took place 42 years ago this past June, Israel successfully defeated Egypt, Jordan, Syria and 6 other Arab countries that donated troops and supplies. The Jewish people have endured more hardship and suffering than any other group of people on the planet. I agree, they are force to reckon with! I'm afraid Israel has lost it's ally in America and England, and will have to submit to any peace deals that are brokered.

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Informational Update - Middle East Peace Czar August 5, 2009:

Obama Close to Revealing Middle East Peace Plan

According to Times Online of UK, the Obama administration is close to revealing a Middle East peace plan. The Israeli Defence Minister, Ehud Barak, strongly believes that Israel must accept this proposed peace plan. No specifics have been released yet, but it is expected Israel must halt all development of settlements, return to pre-1967 borders, and accept a Palestinian state with east Jerusalem as the capital.

Note from author: From other articles I've read regarding George Mitchell's efforts to establish permanent peace in the Middle East, it appears that Obama's team is confident this can be achieved. Considering the past failures of US presidents to achieve lasting peace in the Middle East, I wonder what Obama is basing this confidence on? Just some food for thought!

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Amen! We aren't fighting against mortal men, but against evil forces and dark spirits! We much each remember what we are truly fighting for...both physical and spiritual freedom of all men!

Too soon to quit!

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Yeah! I'm so excited to adopt my very own czar! Maybe old George would be willing to meet me for lunch and we could discuss his plans to promote peace in the Middle-East :) Jokes aside, I have a fond interest in the events taking place in the Middle-East so I'm anxious to find out what the true intentions of George are. I've already joined the new forum by Ray_L and will be posting anything of interest here and in the watchdog forum. Thanks!

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Looks like we aren't receiving emails when someone replies to our post, so I think you missed my request in the Vent section yesterday. I would like to take ownership of watching: 22. Middle-East peace Czar: George Mitchell. If this czar is already taken, my second choice is: 27. Mideast policy Czar: Dennis Ross. Just let me know and I'll be getting started right away!

Too soon to quit!