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HUGE loss. Very sad about this. Godspeed Andrew.

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This is one of the reasons that I believe there will eventually be blood. These tactics are tyranny plain and simple.

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California probably has it's quota of lawyer-scum filled already.

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Unacceptable? The rest of us GO TO JAIL FOR IT, you frickin' moron!!

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Thanks Ef - I am in a band working on our third release so I know what you are saying and I agree with you mostly, but my response has more to do with the knee-jerk ugly responses to Pete Townshend's comments than anything. His point it that Itunes is making enormous money but not helping much with development which I think is a valid argument. That's basically it. Much of what's on the radio is overproduced amatuer teenagers and not real people who write their own music as in the past, imho.

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READ the article you moron!!

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Greedy? Pedophile? Your jerks, READ the article - he is calling for more SUPPORT for new artists, NOT more money fro himself. The music business environment for emerging songwriters is practically non-exisitant, which is why the radio waves are choked with formulaic CRAP.

Townshend must be commended for this - he understands how tough it is for new artists and he is championing their cause. God bless him for it.

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Anybody remember what the media did when George H W Bush was buying socks at the dept store??

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And coming in at #5 with "Please hit me in the face with a 2 by 4" is MC Weird Al Gore & The Weather Changlings!