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Oooh, iceberg penis...sorry, were you saying something?

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What is it with these delicate conservative flowers anyway, that they have to build their own special little sandboxes all the time because they can't cope with differences of opinion? They're so full of tough talk about freedom and gun rights but they can't even defend themselves on the Internet without running away and whining that they're being censored. Pansies.

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Bahahaha, didn't take them long to go into lockdown. WHUT ABOUT MAH FREEDUMB OF SPEEACH, BITCHEZZ??

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Mark Gregory puts the "ass" in class.

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Dear Republicans - you may parse words and change definitions all you want, but the problem is your core ideas are utterly repellent to sane, decent people. Once the remaining angry old white guys die out, ya'll are just going to be talking to each other.

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This guy really puts the 'douche' in douchebag.

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I've read so many hilarious take-downs of 50 Shades that I don't ever have to bother with the series. I have a far filthier imagination than her anyway!

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This recent trend of wingnuts trying to make their derp sound all sciency and authoritative is fascinating in a watching-a-train-wreck kind of way. I've never seen logic and words take such a beating.

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Sex-feminism? I'm in.

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I understand Alex Jones very well - he's a conscience-free grifter who knows that his marks will believe any crazy-ass conspiracy theory he decides to crap out on the air.