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Any other idiotic Labour policies you want to try and steal? Do you think 16 year old's will vote Tory? Do you just spend your day virtue signalling like a brain dead moron? Do you just want to keep shifting the party further left and further "cuck" it out talking about social policies that are stupid, pointless and deal with nothing the majority of the country is worried about? Can you and the other New Labour mongs bugger off so that the party has half a chance of being electable?

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There will be no second referendum. There will be a "deal" struck that will basically have Brexit but with virtually full alignment. No freedom of movement....but movement that is free......ECJ "advising" etc. It will be a stitch up and a final ending to this decrepit Tory party.

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Have a weak and clueless government and the enemy will take advantage. The left have the media and also their "moral high ground" of rights and freedom of speech, (as long as it is for their own benefit), so are perfectly placed to attack things like this and then obfuscate the whole thing to being something that wasn't entirely their problem or themselves to blame.
Time and again the "Weak Tories" as I shall now call them have allowed Corbyn and his left wing acolytes to gain ground and influence as well as hold the narrative. Whilst May, Rudd and the other useless "New Labour Weak Tories" try to move their party to the left and attract voters who will never consider voting for them, they concede the moral high ground and only enhance the attractiveness and "votability" of the Marxist left. Gangs like this are then emboldened to dismiss others freedom of speech to exercise their nonsense....as good Marxists do.

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You asked a question and I answered. Yes polygamy is an issue in the UK. Whether I eat it or not doesn't help the issue that laws are ignored or altered for the sake of superstition. No religion should gave that ability.

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So laws are flexible based upon what brand of crazy you believe in? Social protocols must be 're written for the same reason? Nothing to do with my love if animals. Is it wrong to have expectations of a "faith" to confirm to the society it wants to make its home in? I take it you aren't a Tory...because if you are you are a perfect example as to why most the country find the party wetter than thunderstorm.

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Polygamy.......halal meat.... separation of men and women at gatherings.....fgm......

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What would you call them

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This Tory party isn't. It is filled with cucks and wasters. Only marginally better than Corbyn and his wrecking crew.

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It doesn't run out no. I can show you round my old town of Luton to whole families that are state funded and ave been for years. I think the offence largely comes from a willingness to accept a practice we would have outlawed just so some Mullahs feel they are at home. As for people wearing what they want.....fine...but be open to ridicule and the fact that for employment, education and social requirements you will have to be as observable as the rest of us.

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So you are for appeasement? Where do you draw the line? FGM? Women dressed in bin bags? Do we continue to import people who seem to think the dole money given is deserved due to their Islaminisation? You think there are issues now buddy wait till a few more years of importing has happened and these things will be forced onto the wider society.