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I was on my way down with the wales brave camerman just prior to the video taking place. I couldnt get there in time because of the traffic, so THE MAN did it completely on his own.
I spoke to a few of the girls in the Bank to the side of the monster march a week later and they said they were absolutely petrified by what they were doing, they feird for their lives.They said that they both joined the BNP and some other of their colleagues a few days later.

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Brilliant, A picture paints a thousand words..

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Lol, well spotted Reconquista, but that's what makes Simon , his natural ability to be completely calm.
There is a man for every job and Simon is doing his well..

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Excellent mate, that was undeniably a fantastic job against the usual lynch mob.
You done us proud again..

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Wait till you see the next one SM, :-D

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Check this out folks, dont know who the orator is honest ;o)

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So the real Fascist Red Cameron is showing his true colours then. The best thing we can all hope for is that Nick gets arrested for defending our troops, it will be the ultimate publicity.

Go on Nick, we are all behind you..

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read first part above-

He had been involved in a domestic earlier ,his wife was sleeping with another man and he wanted to end his life, he was not a criminal and was not wanted .
We all made complaints, it was stifled over a period of 12 months.
These are the true facts.


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You may think this is rare, you are completely wrong

October 18th 2007 a friend and I phoned the Police when a man threw himself into the marina at Swansea that has 20ft slippery walls with no way out.
My quick thinking friend found a life buoy in the dark and threw it into the intoxicated small man in the water,he man hung on for his life.
I called 999, the Police turned up and shouted at the man ,virtually calling him a looser and a coward.
By now the man was clearly loosing consciousness and loosing his grip, the filth were more interested in their egos in front of the wpc's.
Our wife's were crying and very upset to watch a mans life slipping away in front of our very eyes and the Police would do nothing to help.
The second crew of about 10 police and fire men turned up and did nothing.
I then found threw him a rope ,eventually he grabbed it and we pulled him to safety.
The filth then treated him like a piece of meat ,hang cuffed the 5,1" 57 year old man who gave no fight or resistance and threw him in a police van, I do mean threw him.
nxt comm

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Islam is Facism,dictatorship and communism all wrapped into one , the EU is the catylist and it is our Job to show the British people.