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Incorrect, the internal colonies of the usoa have experienced every ill that one person can do to another. It's a way of life for all cultures other than european. The traditions of race and hierarchy are the bedrock of western thought. They're concepts that are simple and easy to digest without much preparation and the young learn how to prepare their own stew of abject ignorance early. Each generation adding to the pot in the name of progressive neo liberalism. The many and varied,, sub cultures are the only thing that give the usoa credibility, the dominant culture has imploded.

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They fear the citizens already, they always have and always will. They exist by fear and worship fear. Their prime reason for being and acting, is 'Fear of Death'. They are acolytes of Ayn Rand and Alister Crowley simple minded, narcissistic, mundane objectivists. They're masters of drowning the senses in as much fear as possible and will use the prefab post election shenanigans as an 'opportunity' to level up the fear and 'compliance and control'. They depend on connivance and mischievousness to delude and manipulate the media of senses to make the citizens believe what is actually mental, is in fact, spiritual and physical. It would take a herculean effort on the part of the usoa citizens to coalesce around a vision, supported and sustained by the math, that the majority would perceive as beneficial and attainable. The infantile traditions that sustain the numerous 'ethereal' mental schizophrenia are old, deep and well worn paths, by which most are easily led from the earliest of ages. It would take the usoa at least 2 generations to do the proper math and begin to realize, they've always been the savior of their current conditions. Citizens had the math yesterday; have the math today, and they'll have the the math tomorrow; the numbers never change, the answer remains the same.

But as of 2020, the majority of usoa citizens are too distracted with trivial consumption porn, and imprisoned by the idea of 'economics of scarcity', and every other manner of consumption porn. In time the day will come, good speech and right action toward the youngers will bring improvement. The usans lack a unifying theory that inspires vitality, discipline and commitment. Forming a party to confront axiomatic problems, would be a waste of time and energy. Those should be learning point in primary education. A party clearly articulating what steps they will take to make the Americana experience better for all within the hemisphere, would be the more prudent option. Not just confined to the usoa. If that party were to actually deliver on the most pressing need of the citizens, they would be able to press on and actually achieve the other goals.

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Impotent utterances from a weak sniffling country of assorted scoundrels and miscreants.

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You can't put your finger in the same river twice. History is that river and it has moved on from the examples given by the author. Although the objective is the same, the game has shifted into a new dimension. This is a one sided affair, insofar as only the west is hankering and posturing for a war. In 1914, it was an intra-culture bloodbath of European states who have a rich tradition of assaulting each other. Today is completely different. China does not hanker or posture for war and conflict. They constantly extend olive branches of cooperation and coexistence as equals. Likewise with Russia. But the west, as usual rallies around the only unifying theory that brings them together; their tradition of racism and ideology of white superiority. The west will never accept the fact that they are now inferior, in almost every measurable way, to the east. The only recourse and response they can imagine is confrontation and containment. Hence the all out asymmetrical shenanigans. The west is doomed to fail, for their hatred is unsustainable because it is held with fear. Fear is defeat before the battle and I can assure you that neither China or Russia fear the west.

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The author should stop projecting his whiteman fears on the world. The societies he's referring to are specific.

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The MIC orgy is the supreme ritual

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The usoa is feeling the winds of a cat 5 blowback as we speak. For all intents and purposes, it is a miserably, failed state. The collapse has already taken place, as evidenced on 9/11.

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The usoa, imo, doesn't wage wars, it assaults cultures that have little, to no common defense; or, war weary cultures. They are the little child swimming in emperors garb, swallowed up by the boots, stumbling and constantly wailing and abusing what ever it can destroy with its tiny, snot infested, grimey fingers. They've been regulated to the darkest corner of their mind. Every now and again they may manage to spontaneously soil themselves and the air, but their diaper only gets fuller and heavier, adding to the child's angst and misery. This is the usoa. The fullness and mass of the diaper is, by several orders of magnitude, larger than the child. To the point where the child enters into and resides within their diaper and calls it the world order.

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Well said.

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Warmonger article. Westerner can't shake their addiction to war. This article highlights their tradition of barbarism is alive and well.