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This country is going bankrupt and they are spending more money on airplanes?What about public transportation?The rest of us have to do it,so why don't they.Who works for who in this country?There has to be a way to let these money spending jackals(no offense to jackals)know exactly what is on our minds.Oh,that's right these town hall meetings are doing a good job except for the fact that the people are 'ringers' for the Repubs.

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It's a good thing Those damn Sudanese are so contemporary,huh?Imagine a woman wearing pants,what nerve she has.Flogging is to good for her.Maybe stoning?Maybe drawn and quartered?Those Muslims have it right(All sarcasm intended folks)

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It just goes to show how backward the dems are by letting Mr.Bolton goes as ambassador to the U.N. This man really knows his stuff and he knows the players in the game.But not those darn Libs.they want someone in there who can placate our enemies and enrage our allies.Well they got the right people for the job.And the right President,too.

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It will be on hold for now...then in a couple weeks on some eventful Friday night when America's back is turned,they will pass this monstrosity and we'll all wake up and find that your health care choices are no longer 'choices' but that they are whatever big brother tells you they are.Paranoid?Maybe...doesn't mean that I'm not right either.Think about it because once it's done it's done.

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If this dingle berry loves the 'people' so much than why doesn't he do what's good for his people and stop trying to be Chavez light(sorry, that's his royal eminence Obama) this guy is Chavez one calorie.No matter what he does the Hondurans should not let him return as Pres. and the USA needs to be better neighbors for freedom and not just the 'rule of law',because we all know that the law and justice are not the same anymore.

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If they don't like the chart then they should not have created the darn thing in the first place.Hello?Are these people that dense?I can see why they are afraid of it though,that is one scary thing.If you can even understand it and mostly no one...OK,no one can make hide nor hair of it.That is one big jigsaw looking piece of governmental claptrap and those pesky Dems. are just PO'd because they don't even understand it and the great one didn't even read the bill but still wants to pass it.I say ...Find a lake and all of you twits take a jump.

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if you have the votes Ms.Pelosi then why don't you please be quiet and do what you need to do?...Can anyone else hear those crickets?If she had the votes,and she doesn't,then this would all be a moot point ,so the fact they keep blaming Republicans is just a ruse to keep their own people from coming after them for not getting the job done.She does not have the votes,plain and simple and that is going to drive his Obamaness crazy.

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In the end it's going to come down to just the USA doing crap and tax and our way of life being flushed down the toilet...The road to hell and all.

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Good for Mr. Walpin. He should sue for his job back and make these guys see that they can't just do whatever they want whenever they want .He flagrantly broke the rules that He set up and then he acts as if it's no big deal.Bush was attacked and people wanted hearings because he got rid of federal attorneys But The One does this and no one bats an eyebrow...The Dems. need to be consistent,which we know will never happen because it does not suit them.These people remind me of children,the rules are only good when they apply to someone else and not them.Unreal.Well this time they should be held accountable for their actions(first time for everything)They so loudly proclaim how the Repubs. are always breaking the very same rules that don't apply to them.I say enough already with these guys and it's time for the other side to step up and show them the error of their ways.

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America needs to get behind Israel again,and I don't mean as far behind them as we are now.We must back them up and it gets really old listening to Obama talk about dialogue with Iran,they kind of let us know,like N.Korea that they are not interested in speaking.Iran wants it's nukes and apparently the BO is intent on letting them have them.What happens then?You know damn well that they are just itching to let them fly at Israel and You as well that BO has no intent on stopping them I think when the time comes that Obama should step out of the way and take out Iran's nuke program.It may also be necessary to side step the USA and do what needs doing.I as an American, am sad to say,that our President will not defend it's friends.In an ironic twist he seems only able to defend our enemies.