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Whenever I hear a politician making speeches about religion, I usually assume he is up to no good. It just saves time. In 1981, when Pope John-Paul II visited Britain, Enoch Powell pretended to be shocked that a Pope was visiting England, a Protestant Country. Powell's outrage was synthetic, he had moved from being a Conservative MP to a Ulster Unionist MP, and was trying to ingratiate himself with his NI Protestant buddies. I also remember an incident from the late 1970's when there was a Parliamentary by-election somewhere in the Scottish Highlands, and the Conservative candidate promised that a Conservative government would stamp out atheism in Scotland. I can't remember a politician ever saying anything sensible about religion.

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There are many old stories about machine translation programs. Apparently, if you translate "hydraulic ram" into Chinese, and back into English it comes back as "aquatic sheep".

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It is the responsibility of the Republicans to heal America by admitting that they lost the election, and by expelling the most prominent election deniers from their party.

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At the risk of being labelled "Mr. Pedantic" I wish to point out that the coronavirus is not a variant of the flu virus. The coronavirus family of viruses is an entirely different family of virus, only identified in the mid-1960s. This explains why the after-effects are so-much different.

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Thank you for being a voice of sanity. In my opinion, the Republican Party should expel all those legislators who opposed the certification of the election, and force them to sit in Congress as Independents..

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I am confused.Do you really believe that Trump was the rightful winner?

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As to whether Biden will harm your financial well-being, I cannot say; I am certainly no expert in Economics.
As to whether Biden or others rigged the election, it is difficult to see how this could have been done,given the enormous number of people involved in counting votes. If I were in your shoes, what would convince me that Biden won fairly was that he did well in states such as Georgia, which had Republican Administrations.
In the case of Georgia, there were 3 manual recounts, and the Secretary of State of Georgia, himself a Republican said that he was satisfied with the accuracy of the count . In fact I think you would find that the swing in favour of Biden in solid Red states such as Texas was stronger than in the swing states.
As to the unexpected results from Florida and Ohio, well every trend comes to an end at some point, usually for no sinister reason. I am impressed also by the fact Bill Barr and Mitch McConnell ( also Arnold Schwarzenegger !) said that the elections were fair.

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I doubt if anything would persuade you that you are wrong. Just a couple of points though. Firstly the obvious point that just over half the states in the USA have Republican Administrations, and therefore Republican Secretaries of State and Governors would have to have been involved in the vote-rigging. Secondly, it has been pointed out that in those Red states which the Democrats had no chance of winning,the swing from Republican to the Democrats on the Presidential ballot (compared to 2016) was greater than in the battleground states. If the Democrats had been stuffing ballots they would surely have got a bigger swing towards them in the battleground states.

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You make a very fine distinction. the clear intention was to make the Senators and Congressmen too frightened to carry out their duty of certifying the election results, which Trump obviously hoped would lead to his continuation in office. Incidentally, some of the Republican Congressmen who voted not to certify the election results have told the press that they only voted the way did because they were frightened for the safety of their families .In any case his claim that the election was rigged , without reasonable grounds for such a belief was certainly sedition. It looks as though one of Trumps attorneys, that odd woman called Sydney is being sued for libel by Dominion Voting Machines . It also seems that Rudy Giuliani might be disbarred for inciting a riot, you know, "trial by combat" and all that.

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If it were true that the Election was rigged presumably it would be a unanimous Republican Party making this claim, not just Donald Trump. Trump's own Attorney- General Bill Barr has said that there was no widespread fraud, so has Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger has also said that the elections were free and fair. In any case more than half the states of the U.S.A. have republican Administrations , meaning that the counting of votes was supervised by Republican Secretaries of State .Realistically, the election could only have been rigged with the connivance of Republicans. Really, you are playing in the same league as the people who claimed that the moon landings were faked.