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Between the bureaucrat/media vote, the union vote, the moocher vote and the brain dead vote Obama has 40% locked up. With the dead,illegal and non existent vote Obama could still win. It all depends upon the corrupt democrat big city politicians making the vote count.

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The Looters and Moochers live off the Producers. It has always been the way. Civilizations fail when the Producers are robbed of more than they need to maintain the growth of an economy. Washington State Government will take more loot because their producers still have an economy that makes a profit. As long as places like Boeing and Microsoft stay there, the looters and moochers will grow in number, but like all leaches, they will eventually kill the host.

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This will truly be a watershed election. Has the United States become the land of the Looter and Moocher, like those in his audience, or not? The voters will answer in 2012. In Ohio it is not promising, given the last election results.

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We are wasting far too much time on the Pee Party and that is the primary goal of those who have pay this rent a mob. They occupy the public eye without contributing to the debate. It is show for the media and allows the media to ignore the real issues being fought from Ohio to the GOP hacks sticking us with Romney by fast forwarding the primaries. Worse we expend our energy on them in our own media. This is the propaganda machine of the DC complex controlling us.

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Gun Control is very easy to understand. Ignore the useful idiots who prattle about guns kill people and look at those who implement and enforce anti gun laws. Gun control is always associated with places that are thug controlled. Everywhere there are anti gun laws, the political class is famous for its corruption. The political class is paid off by the thug class and thus the political class does all in its power to protect the thugs. A dead thug does not provide money. A dead citizen is a small price to pay for a secure source of graft. The political thug propaganda ensures sufficient useful idiots to provide cover for the real reason, payoff.

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The OWS minions of Obama are his attempt to imitate the Brown Shirts of Hitler.The people of OWS share the mindset and beliefs that drove Hitler's Brown Shirts and are being told the same type of propaganda by Obama. The media is blowing all this up out of proportion to promote circulation and increase fear. In Germany Hitler took power because of widespread media generated fear and real problems. If it worked once, Obama and his gang would try it again.

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The rule in this country is the castle doctrine. The young grow up and learn, just ask the Germans who followed Hitler.

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If Maxine's gang wins we will all be in Hell and she will get her wish if Obama has a second term.

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The case of the Grandmother is a common one in Florida. Many attorneys have grown wealthy acting for the incapacitated. Remember judges are only attorneys with power and often use that power to favor their friends. If you think this is bad, wait tell you go into probate. There these crooks often take most of an estate whether it is a million or 10,000. In fact the small estate often goes to a lawyer. The legal fee is the road to riches for these shysters.

As to the Granddaughter, the case is all to common. The child care laws are a nightmare of wishful thinking and unintended consequences. The problem exists because Janet acted for her daughter hoping for change in her daughter instead of facing facts and acting for her granddaughter by filing the papers when she had the chance. Our world seldom gives cures for errors like that. .

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Journalist has always seemed an fitting name. Historically it was someone who kept a personal record about themselves and what happened to them from their viewpoint. In other words a diary. They are not reporters limited to facts. They can tell you what to think and still be journalists out to change the world. No one who calls themselves a journalist should be believed.