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The U.S. may not have 'won' in a strictly military sense, but the MIC (which actually runs the show, pretty well since Nixon and certainly since Carter) has done very nicely. This is what matters.
War is not an instrument of U.S. policy: it IS U.S. policy. All that consumption of military hardware represents a transfer of wealth (from those too poor or stupid to avoid or evade taxes) to the wealthy who own the country and its political class.
Trump had to go, not because of his numerous personal failings, but because he was making a genuine (somewhat clumsy) effort to extricate the U.S. from its foreign entanglements and improve relations with Russia and China.
Things are now back on track and peace is unlikely to break out any time soon. <div style="display:block;margin:6px 0 0"><a class="a2a_dd" href="https://www.addtoany.com/share">Share

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Once one realises that war crimes are only ever -- with the rarest of exceptions -- committed by citizens of defeated countries who can be held accountable by their conquerors, then moral outrage is seen to be irrelevant and frequently fake.
It all comes down to power: those who have it do what they will and those who lack it suffer what they must. All else is window-dressing.

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I haven't read Vidal's work, but Harry Elmer Barnes published a similarly titled tome in 1953. I believe that Mr Barnes would have been disappointed, but not surprised, at the ways things have since developed.

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A decent article that nonetheless manages to ignore the elephant in the room.
Australia's foreign policy, and general attitude, is resolutely colonial; i.e. Anything you say, Uncle Sam. We flirted briefly with independence with the Whitlam Labor government, but that was squashed (with CIA aid) and we've been good, subservient little boys and girls ever since.
If we ever release our grasp on the U.S.A.'s apron strings it will be to grab someone else's: a natural colony desperately seeking to acquire another master.

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'Disinformation' is information, the truth of which is irrelevant, that has, against your wishes, been widely disseminated.
'Information' is information, the truth of which is irrelevant, that you wish to be widely disseminated.
Depending on the needs of the moment, it is possible for one to morph into the other and back again.
As John McMurtry (I think) noted: "The truth is what people can be conditioned to believe."

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However indifferent to the fate of its expendable pawns the U.S. may be, it cannot afford to be seen to leave them in the lurch. Creating and recruiting traitors is more difficult when they know that they will be abandoned on a whim.
Still, they've done it before.

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Yep! Pretty much nailed it!

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Mr Trump should be an embarrassment to any nation unfortunate enough to have him as its leader.
Nonetheless, he was the better choice in 2016 and he is the better choice in 2020. This says a lot about the quality of the candidates fielded by the two-headed monster of the U.S. Deep State. The amount of vitriol reserved for Mr Trump is probably a reflection of his unwillingness to supinely comply with the wishes of his warmongering handlers. It seems that a gigantic ego can occasionally be an advantage.
I don't like him, but he is the lesser of two evils.

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WWII was supposedly started over Poland. A lot of relevant material, while not technically secret, is 'not talked about' by reputable* historians.
As Schopenhauer observed: "Clio, the Muse of history, is as thoroughly infected with lies as a street whore with syphilis."

* Those favoured by the Establishment

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A long-winded hotch-potch of modern philosophical trendiness. Surely the author could have thrown in 'dialectical materialism' somewhere.
Still, the basic thrust is (obscurely) correct.