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What a horrible little man he is,im outraged by this .My heart goes out to Davies to have a son out there and the constant worry is bad enough.This piece of work should stay in India .

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As a friend of Adam Walker My Blood is boiling over this piece of lowest kind of gutter journalism. This is a attack not only on democracy on Adam himself. You can tell search lies are behind this as the hate not hope bus is coming to Spennymoor on Saturday coincidence don't think.

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Not surprised more lies.Are we now to judge how demented a murder is by which political party they vote for?
I take it all thieves vote lib lab con.

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Well done folks you lot get everywhere, the whole team Adam,Pete,Kirsty,and Amanda are a inspiration to us all.

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So it's a case of" if the face fits ".no talent required.
On a side note does anyone know why politicalMIZZ was kicked of DIGG not that im surprised mind....she uses both barrels lol:}