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....Or she could try to write it off as a business expense on her taxes.

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Dear Liberty, I had exactly the same thought within minutes of hearing of Andrew's untimely death. Andrew was, indeed, a general in our war.

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I've been a fan for little over 3 years. I often would think how awesome it would be to be affiliated with his enterprise. I would even fancy myself working with him on development of the oft suggested Big Education component of his Big sites. This was a bit of a stretch, mind you as I am deep in the belly of the beast of academia, myself.

Andrew Breitbart helped many of us find our voice and showed us that we were all righteous in our indignation over what was being done to our country and our children. Let us honor him with the continued application of his "business model" of seeking, exposing and excising the malignancy which has been allowed to grow and develop in American culture.

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A short but precious life. A real patriot and inspiration for the rest of us. He showed the way with actions, not just words. Let's honor his work, his memory by continuing what he used to call his "business model" and with all the zeal and energy that he used to inspire us.
Thank you, Andrew!

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Only in the mind of a self deluding fool could such a distorted perception of reality develop.

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The fruits of affirmative action, my friend. Galactic sense of entitlement, unearned, coupled to magical thinking, re-enforced by a lifetime of society's system of low expectation/inflated reward.

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If the SBC proceeds with this action, it will be a clarion revelation that they have succumbed to the worldly cultural ruse of mandatory diversity and have chosen to bow at the alter of political correctness.

By eliminating the word "Southern" for fear of offending the hyper-sensative, pseudosanctimonious bigots who impose restrictions on speech as well as act as thought and word police, The Southern Baptist Convention will have chosen to take a fools path.

I expect they will lose more membership than they gain in the near future because in all likelihood the weakness of their convictions within the body of the church extends beyond their name.

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OK, found my post that was MIA. I guess it took awhile for the mod to catch up with the traffic.....or somethin'.

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OK, Tj, you got me to thinking and prompted me to go to the FL statutes on this.

Years ago, I owned horses and at that time, it was one horse/acre. It DOES depend on type of live stock. Usually the terminology is "one animal UNIT" where a "unit" = 1000 lbs. Also considered is the nature of grass land. In FL the quality of pasture can vary considerably from one location to another. Cows are, in many areas, 1 cow /2 acres, I think. Chickens and rabbits would be evaluated differently as well.
Florida Statute 193.461 (3) (b), “Subject to the restrictions set out in this section, only lands which are used primarily for bona fide agricultural purposes shall be classified agricultural."
I'm sure regs also vary from one state to another as well.

Thanks for driving me into the statutes on this one, Tj.

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Actually, some of my posts are not making it through the "filter" either. No one has ever confused me with a liberal, nor do I use vulgarities to make my points.
I posted something positive about Newt in contrast to the other three in the context of Obama campaign strategies.
What gives?