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Mr. Pump didn't die in the novel. That was a different golem, who sadly (though understandably) didn't make it into the film adaptation, name of Anghammarad.

Mr. Pump survived the novel and apparently continued his work as Vetinari's fetcher-of-people-who-needed-fetching.

Also, I deeply love the Going Postal film, because as you say, while it deviates from the strict text as written, it embodies a lot of the same wonderful energy and I have a huge soft spot for a trickster/conman protagonist like Moist.

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I tend to chalk up shifts like the one you describe to The Embuggerance, as Terry described it.

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I don't remember if we've seen that particular piece of street slang before in another book, but the fact that Ankh-Morpork commoners seem to have nicknamed the City Watch as "The Sam" continues to tickle me.

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I had only really planned to lurk around here, but I remember that artist's work well enough that I made an account just to give the source.

It's an artist called Tealin. They've got a decent body of other work on their site, including quite a lot of Going Postal pieces that I found quite charming.

edit: changed to their main page link as per their terms, the link that goes to their art page is The Turtle Moves down the page a bit