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Knowing which road you're on and what village/junction you've just passed is the best, but failing that the system each service uses should be able to plot a location using long/lat, GPS or OS grid reference. Plus there are some handy conversion websites that will change whatever information you have into whatever the control room needs.

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People love the MP threaten and the only time I've seen one take interest is when the elections were due and they were a fresh candidate. Call me cynical but the stern letter to the local paper may have been more about votes than someone's personal issue.

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Excellent! I'm a firm believer in crews visiting Control and vice versa. Helps build understanding and a little gift goes a long long way! or a little cake/doughnuts/small raspberry pigs...

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Pete out of the picture ... SJA "aftercare" secret policy ... hey presto afternoon in the company of your idol and cheering her up.

Not a Jordan fan but not going to mock her for going through lifes ups and downs. Andre on the other hand deserves all the mocking he gets as punishment for those awfull songs!