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The story was quite good. It's definitely better than the third season. The comics just might be my go to ponies source at this point.

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I can't believe they cut Celestia's history. They took five minutes to tell us everything will be fine, but they cut Celestia's history. Why?

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Twilight becoming an Alicorn could make sense. What are the importance of princesses? Originally they were celestial body moving rulers. Now they are half that and half something else. Right now Twilight has no purpose being a princess. We know nothing about what princesses mean in this world anymore. Also the writers were lazy since they stuffed story ideas together and hoped they worked. The switching cutie mark idea was great. It would have been if it wasn't cut so a princess coronation could be slapped on. So from their logic anyone who creates new friendship magic becomes an alicorn. What about Clover the Clever then? She invented new friendship magic to defeat the windigos. Why isn't she an alicorn? How did Cadence become an alicorn. If your standing here clutching straws on speculation and rumors for you story to make sense the writers did not do a good job. I hope the writers can raise the bar next season. But I will not stand here and applaud a lower bar.

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The fact that they didn't give ant importance to Twilgiht becoming an Alicorn beyond it being her vague destiny turned me off. Also they rushed an episode when they had plenty of filler episodes the could have to make it longer. It seemed kind of lazy to me.

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Honestly as someone who wasn't a fan of the finale. I am a lot more skeptical about creator hype.

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I don't get it. Why are people getting excited by buzz words from one of the creators?

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While I am not a fan of the art style I thought it was a nice feel good slice of life. Definitely episode worthy.

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The crystal heart was not just there. All of Sombra's dark magic stuff had to reveal it. IT couldn't of been just there I mean then what was the point of all the stairs and traps. I believe it was revealed after the door was opened.

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Crisis updated. This pleases Lord SilverToungue.

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According to the micro site, "Lord Donut Steel" isn't considered a villain.