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I wouldn't have a problem with Massechussettes suffering for their voting decisions. The issue is we will all suffer from it.

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I thought it was about wealth and power. So we would usurp their resources as our own. Also, I'm told by our POTUS that we are not a Christian nation.

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I've always been fascinated with the "imperilism" andle that progressives are always spouting as this country's motivation for everything. If we really wanted to build an empire, why do Canada and mexico still exist? I'm sure we could take them over without much hub bub.

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"I would expect an open and fair minded progressive person like Ms. Ball to be a little more…what’s that word? Tolerant!"____You also left out diverse. I'm still wrapping my head around their diversity schtick. I guess it only pertains to height, race, gender, etc. as long you are in agreement with their ideology lock step...____

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We are going to put our faith into something. It is how we are made. The question is will it be the creator or the created. Just because libs argue that having prayer in school or a bible at your government office is a violation of separation of church and state (of which most here agree is an egregious misinterpretation). What they are saying is you can't worship the creator but its fine to worship the created so they have no problem with the government forcing us all to bow down to the church of Climate Change or worshipping government itself as god. So, like many of the liberal philosophies, its all about being tolerant and diverse enough to agree with them. Anything else violates their version of the Constitution.

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How about Michael Clarke Duncan? He could pound Muhammad whenever he got close. I'd pay to watch that but I'm guessing it won't happen. <<Sigh>>

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The libs are always chanting about "Keep your laws off my Body" when it came to abortion. I'm straining to hear that chant now when it comes to our entire healthcare system.

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HBO likes it because BHO are the same initials. Of course, that isn't the reason but the real reasons are about as relevant...

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Okay. You murder, assualt & battery, rape, etc. someone and that's a crime. You hated that person because of some criteria that is listed as a hate crime or you didn't hate them for anything listed but the victim is part of a group that is listed. So if you don't commit murder, assualt & battery, rape, etc. but still think hateful thoughts about that person. Isn't that still a crime? Or is the hate crime tied to the physical crime and if so then it isn't really a crime. But if it is, then it is a crime to have certain bad thoughts. So when will liberals become a protected group on this list? Scary stuff we are heading toward.

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First, NO I'm not kidding. Second, READ MY LIPS. What and how? I know that's a lot to ask someone of your limited intelligence. It's very difficult to deal with idiots that believe they aren't idiots and like to call others idiots but continuously show everyone that they are idiots. Try learning to read and then, more importantly, comprehending what you read. I can see why you may think things are distorted since everything you think(?) is distorted so reality to you is distortion.