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Soooo...it's not okay to say Muslim without the precursor Extremist, but it's okay to say Teabagger/TeaParty people are ALL extreme, racist, and white with No precursor. Ok...got it

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This is along the lines of Axelrod's "stay up all night" comment - they're all ready to steal the election, and they're sure it's going to work (again)

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Good job, Andrew - it was easy to see in the first minute that the guy was totally broadsiding you...what a moron for him to repeat over and over that "No charges were brought against ACORN" - well no s*it, Sherlock, That's The Point! That's the PROBLEM - no one even bothered to pursue charges, as they all have a hand in the ACORN bag!

To all those ranters out here today (and what a shame they aren't just hanging out on HuffPo <sigh>), that 'deer in the headlights' look is called SHOCK...it's what patriotic citizens experience every day as we're railroaded and lied to and talked over by a non-stop MSM bullhorn. We're Shocked that people can be so blustery - so dimwitted. The only thing that isn't shocking is that they're all corralled at MSNBC.

btw - Mr. Maddow refers to Brietbart as a "Drudge spinoff" - they need to figure out if they think you're important or not, you know? :)

I hope someone sues their socks off - slander, libel, the whole bit. What a filthy bunch of liars -

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Sniv, I have a son your age (in college) and he goes through the same thing - I can explain to him why taxes, big govt. etc. are going to ruin freedom for future generations (like my four kids!), and he fully understands...but back at college, he has a hard time holding that line in debate with his peers. It's so tough for kids now - and I mean anyone under 30..haha - but if you keep an open heart and mind, you Know the truth.

are you familiar with Mark Levin? He's awesome - you can download his shows free from marklevinshow.com, and you'll learn a lot about how our freedom is at risk these days -

I've been mad ever since I realized that my kids would never know the joy of riding their bike with the wind in their hair...better strap on that helmet!

welcome to the gang...there are a lot of great people out here :)

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all four released on unsecured bond - sounds like they're not too worried about them

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ever heard of false charges?

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If you read the affadavit, James never hid the fact that he was recording the 'encounter' on his cell phone. Also, the chronology ends right after the "repairmen" said they left their credentials in their car - so...did Witness 2 take them to the switch room or not? Seems like this story is incomplete - item 8 and item 9 don't seem to be sequential events?

No one is going to defend any of these guys if they were wiretapping a federal building - but no one is That Stupid, either...and none of the "defendants" clammed up when asked for details. Odds being 50-50, this might ride around for a few days and end up as nothing...nothing but another pie in the face of the MSM.

I wonder how long they interrogated them? Think it took more than 50 minutes?

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Could be he was recording how easy it would be for someone to get past 'reception' and access critical systems (as a digital terrorist might do?).

When you think about it, it's pretty amazing that they were able to go so far in a govt. building - another example of lax security

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Is there some good reason these people aren't being arrested? I would think that a plot to kidnap a former president would be considered a "threat" - What's the point of paying for Bush's Secret Service agents if this sort of propaganda goes unnoticed?

btw - if I'm wrong about SS protection for former presidents, feel free to correct me =)

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Common sense tells me that this Administration had hoped to hide the destruction of our current job industry behind all the new jobs that were supposed to have been created by Cap and Trade and the Health Bill...and until they push this legislation through, the job numbers will continue to drop. They have no intention of protecting current private sector and small businesses...they just figured that creating a couple hundred new Federal Agencies for healthcare and energy would make it appear that jobs were recovering, but there's no interest whatsoever in preserving current American jobs.

Think about it - I haven't once heard the argument of job creation in terms of the healthcare bill...yet it's obvious that all these mandates would create countless "new" jobs...union jobs, Acorn jobs, and many other govt. agencies that would have to ramp up to keep track of every facet of our lives. No one wants to make that connection publicly - because it was intentional from the start. Destroy our private sector, and hide it behind the numbers of new jobs created. Many of the mandates were set to start up the day after the bill was signed - particularly at the IRS, who is represented by (the seldom mentioned) NTEU. Once healthcare goes in, the "job recovery" will look great on paper - but none of it will occur in the private sector.