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Middle ground is good. If we can all continue to find middle ground while holding on to the search for truth, I think we'll all find a God that can be discovered through both faith and science who is waiting to share his love and goodness with us all.


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When I say strings, I guess I mean that his only requirement for acceptance into a relationship, friendship, with him is acknowledge that you believe in Jesus as opposed to all the other constructs that come with "religion" as a whole (i.e. church, tithes, etc.). So, yeah, you could consider mere belief as a string, but in comparison to all the man-made constructs that typically go with religions, it's pretty small.

I believe that there is an observable change in how a person lives after they truly believe in Jesus but I would also argue that it would be different dependent on the individual. I'm not going to limit that shift to moral behavior, or even say that any moral shift would occur because morals are universally given to everyone. But there may be other behaviors that could be apparent by a new found belief.

I won't even say that this is limited to the Christian experience because anytime someone finds a truth (and I would say truth is key) that they can understand and relate to, they will change themselves to be more aligned to that truth or deny it and run.

The problem we all face is our desire to cling desperately to the truths we already know. If more Christians could learn to understand the truth of discovery in science more Christians would be open to the wonders of Gods universe. If more scientists could be open to discovering things currently outside the realm of scientific scope and let their minds ponder spiritual truths, they may be more willing to acknowledge that maybe we aren't alone in this universe.

So observable change is destined to happen to anyone who begins to believe in Jesus. But it'll be different for everyone and it doesn't have to be a moral shift. The idea of Jesus and God is in fact the search for truth, if not in a purely scientific setting though science definitely aides in the how of creation and wonder of God.

If I could include one other observable shift, it would be a faith, a belief, that no matter what there is a good God and he loves us. Just this one truth can change someone when they truly believe it with all of their being.

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I'm not going to pretend that my answer to your question will change your life or even be the answer that you're looking for or whatever. Nor is it the answer I'm saying anyone share's with me. But this is my answer to the "Why believe in God at all" question.

I believe in God because I choose to believe in something greater than creation. I believe that everything we can discover within creation (life, the universe and everything) was put in motion by something or someone greater than creation itself. I choose to believe that the something that set it all in motion is ultimately good.

I believe in Jesus specifically because I think that the great big good that started it all is attempting to reach out to me personally. Out of all the other religions in the world, Jesus is the only one that had something free to give humanity, no strings attached.

Science, evolution, and all the idea's that man can come up with to explain creation and life or whatever is cool and I'm not going to pretend I understand any of it. The universe has been laid out before for us to discover. But I don't think that it's contrary to a creator who wants to have some sort of relationship with his creation.

So, yeah, I choose to believe in God, I choose to believe he's reaching out through Jesus. But I don't deny science or history or whatever. I just choose to believe in the greatest good and the greatest good I can find is Jesus.

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You could reverse that whole mindset. I've known many "Christians" who feel they can be as immoral as they want because at the end of the day they have the "get of jail" prayer, "Forgive me for my sins, God. Thanks, you're the best!" Morality and beliefs rarely coincide because humans are happy to live with comfortable double standards.

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I hear one of the best things is Boot Camp. No gym membership required. Again, I "hear" it's good. I'd have to have a buddy roll me to a workout.

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Is that epic hate?

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My 4 year-old daughter Kai says, "Why does his mom let him dance like that?" Why indeed Kai, why indeed...

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"Organic Sugar Free Strawberry Jelly," is that the name of a new band? Should be.

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It's amazing how short sighted we are here in the states, we don't see this type of struggle on a normal basis so we forget that it's going on in the world. Thanks for photo.

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Unshakable Foundations by Norman Geisler and Peter Bocchino.