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Why should we need a special excuse or even a redemption episode to heap the catbird love? I've been on that train for years now.

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That we did! We fought to the death at Trotcon (you won) and Larson photobombed us.

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Seconded. That's where my vote went. Only took four seasons, but we finally got my catbird waifu.

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Anyone have another source for this? This embedded video apparently isn't available in the US.

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(What? There's nothing else to say. Just Gilda.)

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As an Ohioan, I'm embarrassed that our most searched costume is "potato". Not nearly as embarrassed as if I were from California or New Jersey though. We're up there at the top, but we're at least we're not "Pregnant Nun" or "Snooki".

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The secret is that Cadance is really Shining Armor's beard.

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then she can be Metrion Zinthos.

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I spend my days thinking this crap up, so have some more:
-Plotlanta / Coltlanta / Trotlanta
-Palomino Springs, Califoalnia
-Nagtucket, Maresachusetts
-Salt Saint Mareie
-the Whinnisconson region (could also be Withersconson)
->Whinniapolis, Whinniepeg, and Whinniesota

And across the sea in Great Bitton
---Bitmingham / Birminghoof

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It's like they actively encourage Rarijack. I am pleased by this. But seriously, Rarity in Manehattan, of course. But Applejack? If they're specifically sending ONLY Applejack to Manehattan with Rarity, I have to think there's a reason. I predict we're going to see some of her Orange relatives.