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This is probably another book in a similar way that Rainbow Rocks got two books. Not complaining that Equestria Girls is getting more content in the future, just not as optimistic as assuming we're getting three whole new movies out of Canterlot High.

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So, basically Sunset Slayer? Yeah, I can get behind that.

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Feels like it needs this here to feel complete. :)

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Seth, the answer is Cutie Mark Magic, probably.

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My opinion is that this was more of a middle-of-the-road 2-parter. Oddly, I didn't have a problem with Starlight's backstory, or the rushed pace of the resolution (although it was definitely rushed). I think the main problem I had with the episodes was more of a personal one; I was hoping for the time travel to end up having all of the previous major events still happening but this time without Twilight and her friends to stop them. Have one big timeline that you have to search for Starlight in, and then have the last third to half of the second episode to take care of the backstory and resolution. Didn't help that I had spent the whole day up to that point conceiving of a "master timeline" of what might happen if the Rainboom never happened. If anyone would like me to post that I can throw it up here.

A few things that I'll say that I loved:

-Starlight Glimmer stopping the Sonic Rainboom and dooming Equestria by being a responsible adult. I was not expecting that, and watching Twilight struggle to try and counter that (and failing) was worth a laugh.

-Even though they weren't connected like I had hoped, the alternate timelines were individually interesting in their own right. I do wish we had a little more time to explore the Nightmare Moon one though.

I probably had other thoughts, but they ran off with Pinkie's imagination...hoping they bring back some of that cake...

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Dammit Amy! You keep making me FEEL things, and the worst part is that I want MORE! This show won't be the same for your absence, but I wish you the best going forward.

I'm not sure what else to say; the episode had some flaws that I personally think didn't detract from my enjoyment of it (except maybe how it just...ended), but I thought all three songs were great*, Svengallop was just fine as a character you love to hate, and Applejack was literally in her Element.

*Before anyone wants to argue with this particular point, I want to point out that I enjoy listening to certain Lady Gaga songs, the Sonic R soundtrack, and I enjoyed the "We Are The Cutie Mark Crusaders" song from "Show Stoppers". I'm weird like that. :)

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I think it says something about MLP and me that, as much as I absolutely loathe when hillbillies appear in fiction and the generic Hatfields vs McCoys plot that I could still enjoy my time with this episode (just barely though; I'd tie it with Princess Spike as my least liked episodes of the season, and hope that it stays this way).

"Hi I'm Fluttershy, and I'm here too." pretty much sums up what Fluttershy's role there was until the end, once Twilight broke down. Speaking of which, she was in top adorkable mode for the majority of the episode. Those two definitely saved the episode for me, yet I'm slightly disappointed; they are my two favorite of the Mane 6, and I would have hoped having an episode star the both of them would've been much better.

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Twilight's gala dress from Best Night Ever is still the standard by which I judge any other pony dress. Not saying it's the best, just that it's my baseline that I rate everything else relative too.

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What about this thing from Swarm of the Century?

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Remember when re-shelving the library only took a day (without distractions)?

Remember when Discord had a flashback spell that Twilight could've just asked for in order to witness the crazy fun she missed out on?

Remember when Zecora had a flashback potion that Twilight could've asked for if Discord wouldn't do it himself?

Pepperidge Farm remembers...

(Seriously though, I enjoyed the episode.)