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This is really a nonsensical argument for Sam to make. The "original intent" of the Constitution would authorize slavery and strip women of the right to vote. Even the 2nd amendment would not exist, were it not for the ability to alter the document over time. I'm sure he is trying to whip up some extremist fervor, but even if he were to somehow pull off a win, the Dem candidate could mop the floor with him on this issue alone.

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I think the author's point here is that there is a difference between an endorsement and a PAID endorsement.

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Does he use the cell phone for campaign calls? It seems pretty likely, so it seems like a valid expense. Panyard seems to be trying to stir up controversy (and perhaps readership?). I seem to recall him running for Gov - maybe he's thinking of trying again.

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This looks like one of the first correct steps the city could take towards patching the pension gap. Rather than a quick one-time cash grab by leasing them, they have found a way a) to generate regular and consistent revenue for the fund and b) to leverage real-estate holdings that they already have as assets in the fund. Fund needs a quick cash infusion? Sell a garage.

I doubt the Boy Mayor will go for it (after all, he probably has a deal to lease them to a donor, making that donor very rich), but it is nice to see a proposed solution that sounds somewhat sustainable.

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I saw that quote and had the same thought. Typical Democrat thinking. Should be followed by "... then we need to tax it, drive them nearly out of business, then subsidize it."

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Reading the article I don't interpret it as an attack on the system as a whole, but a call to arms against some possible fraud within the system. Even the first superintendent quoted in the article has taken the approach of "these aren't working, so I'm going to start a better one".

If there is some fraud, let's NOT leave them alone, let us fix the system and save the taxpayers from being further taken advantage of.

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What does any of this have to do with possible abuse and waste in the cyber school system? Can we stay on topic please?

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"Did he sue for defamation of character?"

You're joking, right?

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I recall Corbett has been endorsed by pro-life groups, so I sincerely doubt that he was pro-choice. Can you give us some documentation?

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Ugh. Anyone we can recruit to run for this seat? One Ravenstahl has been disaster enough.