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Glenn Beck's 9/12 project also called for Americans to come together and unite. According to Limbaugh's logic, that makes Beck an Obama supporter.

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Had Oliver Stone directed J. Edgar, there would have been a scene where Hoover meets up with Castro and Lyndon B. Johnson on the grassy knoll.

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"But today, I want a little more than sticky floors and discreet ticket takers who overlook the beer cans I had obviously secreted in my pockets."

If you're secreting beer out of your body to the point where it's filling up your pockets, then maybe a bad theater-going experience is the least of your problems.

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Not only is Gosling a great actor, he's also a real hero and a real human being.

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Death Wish 3 and 4 are two of the funniest movies I've ever seen. I like how both of them end with Bronson shooting the bad guy at point blank range with a rocket launcher.

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The first hour of Death Wish is pretty fantastic, but the sequence at the end with the police inspector tailing Bronson around for what feels like 20 minutes just isn't interesting at all. If Carnahan can come up with a satisfying third act and puts Liam Neeson in the lead role, it's difficult to see how the remake could go wrong.

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It's also important to note that the Sundance movies that barely broke $1 million at the box office probably only cost $500,000 to make. A 100% return on investment isn't too shabby.

The market for slow-paced, difficult, and artistic films may be a small one, but it does exist, and movies like Martha Marcy satisfy market demand just fine.

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Last year's Sundance line-up included Martha Marcy May Marlene, Take Shelter, The Interrupters, Meek’s Cutoff, Win Win, Tyrannosaur, Another Earth, and Margin Call. If these are "bad movies that shallow people like," then I guess all of the Big Hollywood contributors who gave these movies glowing reviews are extremely shallow people.

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I didn't know Soros had an anti-demonology initiative. If so, I can't see how it could possibly be worth his time. The civilized world already gave up on the idea of demonic possession a couple of centuries ago.

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If the church refuses to sanction exorcisms, that should count as a point in their favor. The idea of demonic possession is silly and backward and has no place in the modern world.