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He was only elected in the first place because of the infamous Tom Noe scandal. It's how most of the Dems got elected in Ohio that cycle (well, plus that RINO Taft...)

He's the worst of the worst, and he'll be gone.

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I think Santorum is a better candidate, yes. However, he did something years ago that still leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Although it never came up for consideration, Santorum sponsored and pushed a bill that would have cut the public off from (taxpayer funded!) National Weather Service data. It was done under the guise of the government competing with private entities. Basically, Pennsylvania based Accuweather was upset that the public had free access to weather and climate data, when they could repackage it an sell it to you. Classic example of the cozy little corrupt practices we so rail against.

You can say what you want about the NOAA/NWS, etc... as a government entity, but the fact remains that we pay for it, and we should have access (as we still do) to the data. And, from a legal liability standpoint, I'm not sure I would want a private entity issuing watches and warnings.....

Good news for the small time amateur meteorologists such as me.

However, I have forgiven.

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I love how you referred to it as a "lair" :)

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The problem with proggies in this country is they think Marxism just hasn't been done "right" yet.... So, NK would be an example of where it was done "wrong" despite the fact that it always leads to these types of scenarios.

Of course if you happen to be in charge of the utopia, well.....

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These types of statutes exist all over the country and range from stupid misguided laws like this, to much more egregious industry protectionist schemes. Most of it is at a state and local level for now, which means it can be fought a little more effectively. Imagine if (when) the federal government gets involved in licensing you? Ugg.

I can see where some licensing is useful, perhaps in the medical profession, etc... But tour guides and interior decorators (Florida)? Come on.

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You do make some good points there - for example copyright's are too long, especially in the digital age. A similar situation exists with patents, but not the length of the patent, rather the three issues you mentioned plus lawyers buying up unused patents for the expressed purpose of suing people, rather than developing the product.

But conversely, 3 years is far too short, and there are many more problems than just the length, too many to go over in a small post. One thing - a copyright should NOT extend past the lifetime of the creator.

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Unfortunately, that's not possible. Even if there was a manner in which to make copy-protection foolproof, you still have to consume the media at one point (listen, watch, read etc...). As long as there's an actual product to consume, it can be copied one way or another.

The media-morons like to call this the "analog hole". The ultimate solution is you just pay them money and get nothing, which is pretty much the way it is now anyway :)

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Head - Meet Sand!

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I think we still have time, but I am not confident the right people will be present to make the proper changes.

A lot will be gauged by our public reaction to the collapse of Europe - which is coming soon. Even that could be muted because in the near term it *might* look good as investors *may* flock to the dollar, temporarily.

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"We want to disrupt the profits of the 1% and to show solidarity with those in the 99% who are under direct attack by corporate tyranny."

Looks like the they missed the 'government tyranny' part....

Last I checked I was never forced to buy products made by corporations, but was required to have my money confiscated in the form of taxes....

Oh wait - forgot about Obamacare, oh well, still government....