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Also, I think we should learn from our mistakes on Earth and not pollute anywhere else, there must be a way to recycle old satellites.

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In the paper The End of Easy Energy and What to Do About It, found at: http://mikesnead.net/resources/spacefaring/white_... , the author describes the massive scale of this SSP and it's need.

"With an assumed SSP slot spacing of 50 miles, about 3,300 SSP platforms could encircle the Earth. With 5-GWe supplied by each SSP platform, the potential for supplied electrical power could total approximately 16,500 GWe—nearly equal to the entire world’s 2100 needed dispatchable generation capacity. In addition to having the potential to provide nearly the entire world’s supply of dispatchable electrical power, the substantial excess off-peak electricity could be converted into approximately 154 Q-BTU per year of compressed hydrogen fuel."

Furthermore, "An SSP platform will be a very large satellite—perhaps 5 miles long and massing 50,000 tons."

The shear number and size of these platforms makes space junk a bigger problem; if a platform was hit every day it would be a problem. Repair teams might be overloaded.

Then again, I'm not expert and you are from a corporation that is working on this concept. Are these numbers correct when compared with your experience? Would any collision damage have to be repaired soon or later?

Thank you

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I don't know that, thank you so much for pointing out my mistake, I'll have to research more into space junk.

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I didn't know you could only spin on one axis, thanks for correcting me.

micrometeoroids for a big problem with large windows, at the speeds involved in orbiting, even the best bulletproof glass won't stop it.

Thank you for your post.

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Yea, it could be during the same time as earth hour, we could come out of that hour with a net gain in terms of the economy.

If you don't know about earth hour, go here: http://www.earthhour.org/

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Your right, how could I miss that. Some people will think the public can not be motivated, other think it is possible. I designed this poll really badly, I have to do a second run. I need to make sure I get it right next time because I'll be paying out 20,000 entrecard credits to get a bigger sample size. I have two months to redesign this thing, thank you for your help.

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You bring up a good point, something I have trouble with. We have tons of opportunity in space, yet we will not use what we have learned over thousands of years of civilization and apply the ideas to space. From Wikipedia" "In the first collision of its kind, on 11 February 2009, the deactivated Kosmos-2251 spacecraft collided with the operational Iridium 33 satellite, resulting in the destruction of both spacecraft. The collision scattered considerable debris, which posed an elevated risk to space craft."

We have all ready ruined our orbit. I can see mars becoming a junk.

But then, Mars would be very, very, very hard to mess up. But, we are doing dumb things like this

"The current plan is to sterilize these spacecraft in a "patchy" way - that is, to thoroughly sterilize every part and component of the spacecraft that has any serious chance of coming into contact with the Martian soil and rock samples from the moment they are collected to the time they are landed on Earth in a sealed capsule, while still using the less strenuous (and far cheaper) cleaning measures for the other parts of the spacecraft."(http://www.spacedaily.com/news/life-01q1.html)

Thank you, you gave me a good idea for a blog post.

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With the way we are treating out planet, I'm surprised that we are still around. What is also worrying is the polities in the green movement. It is destroying ideas that will work and supporting ideas like clean coal which has many doubts. This is my source for my claim about clean coal (http://newsweek.washingtonpost.com/postglobal/ene... Any counter arguments or support for my argument?

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I really hope so, but, as Dr. Livingston puts it, it seems that it is always two years off. I hate the delays involved in space exploration and habitation, but I know they are needed for safety reasons.

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You do bring up an interesting point. We would be alien to any other planets. I mean we have to bring heavy equipment to simply survive on other planets, but we can barely function. NASA holds a contest just to design a glove (http://astronaut-glove.tripod.com/). We can not stay in zero-g for very long if we hope to return to Earth.

But, I ask you this. We are not made to live in swamp land, yet we drained many acres of swamp land we can can live on it. We build artificial islands all the time, we have created towers of steel so we may live in the very air above prosperous areas. We can't we do the same to other plants. Why can't we create living space from inhabitable land?