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Does anyone else get the feeling that this lady's lips are trying to escape her mouth when she lies?

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What I would like to know is, if the American voter "lacks standing" to contest the eligibility of a Presidential candidate, just who DOES have such "standing"?

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The only reason I can think of is that four more years of Obama would so clearly reveal the failings and futility of the liberal agenda that it would scare America conservative for generations.

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More likely an Arabic/Muslim "coup", but a likely explanation, I would think. But, yes, I would have listened to all the evidence about Obama, even back then. It might have made a difference, or helped to do so, if he had presented it then.

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I despise Obama. He is a liar, a narcissist, a Socialist/Marxist, a Muslim in cheap Christian clothing, and a usurper. But I saw the video of him making that remark about the "57 states" he had been to, and it seemed clear to me that it was merely a "gaffe" -- he had been campaigning relentlessly in various states, was tired, and said "fifty" when he meant "forty", as in "47 states" that he had been to, with one more remaining in the Continental U.S., and Alaska and Hawaii (which would make 50). Probably he mixed them up also because he jumbled the "57 states" of the Arabic whatever with the "47 states" he had already campaigned in -- just a slightly "dyslexic" mixing of two similar numbers (57 and 47, which could happen to the best of us under similar circumstances).

I would LOVE to have someone convince me that his "57 states" remark had to have been referring to the Arabic whatnot. But it seems to me a simple "gaffe" on his part is much more reasonable.

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Okay, I despise Obama just as much as the next person. And I am absolutely certain he is not eligible to be President (whether that is because he was born in Kenya, or at the least because his father was Kenyan and therefore not an American citizen). However, I find it curious as to why this Marine has waited this long to share this story -- why didn't he make it public back in 2008? Or even 2009, after Obama was fraudulently voted into office? Why wait until now?

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Actually, he was visiting (or temporarily living with) his father, who was living with his girlfriend, who lived ACROSS THE STREET from the gated community, apparently.

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I imagine his first words upon his death were, "Jesus Christ!!"

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A Biblical case against Ron Paul: "I will bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you."

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No, you don't understand. She practices EXTRA SAFE sex, which means every time she has sex, her partner (if it's a man) has to use 10 condoms at a time. Small, medium, and large, in layers.