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This is classic eurospeak, you didn't vote the right way so you will vote again and again until you give us the 'right' result!

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Would love to see DD running the party, he has the background to completely disarm Corbyn and Thornberry as well as proven leave credentials.

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On Sunday I saw the email from the area chairman with attached link asking me to take part in the questionnaire, before he took part in the conference call at 7:30pm that night. The email was addressed to all members in Dorset, potentially it could have been forwarded to others BUT why? When I answered the questions it had a couple of hundred responses and I looked again at around 7pm and the number was over 500.

Quite frankly I was surprised at the responses BUT they were generally consistent through the day and generally agree with comments I've heard across the county from other members, personally I'm impressed with the Dorset chairman for taking the time to do this.

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Given that we were only given a few hours on Sunday to respond and the only notice was by email, I think it shows the strength of feeling in Dorset that so many of us, noticed the email and responded.

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It's on its way

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Very succinct, explanation of how things were and why we won!

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One of the best post's I've read on the subject, I agree whole heartedly. Through my MP and with his support and enthusiasm I made some suggestions regarding university fee's, something that had been tested on a range of people including students. The response from Jo Johnson was typical of the above mind-set, we know best and don't worry what we are doing is best!

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I have been very keen on trying to set this up in my ward and we are in the early stages of creating a Neighbourhood plan, but as the ward councillor I have now taken a step back and whilst supporting the residents in creating it I intend to listen and go along with what they want, I hope I will be able to help avoid some of the pitfalls mentioned.

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This is the response to my question to Julie Girling
"Thank you for contacting me regarding the recent vote on the non-binding resolution on the progress of the Brexit Negotiations. The headlines that you have seen do not reflect the whole resolution, much of the media coverage has reduced the vote to a zero-sum game - not something I recognise. I did not vote to prevent trade talks, in fact in my speech I clearly call on the Council to open up parallel negotiations on trade. I did however vote to acknowledge that not enough progress has been made between the two parties. An opinion which is shared by many on both sides of the Brexit debate.

The caricature of two embittered enemies - the UK and the EU - is as facile as it is unsustainable. For the future prosperity and peace of the continent good relations must be preserved, and I feel the European Parliament is uniquely placed to help facilitate this. Many conservatives, myself included, wish to follow the Prime Ministers Florence call for action and assist in moving the negotiations forward. It is patently obvious that the negotiations have not made sufficient progress and I sought to make that clear in my vote.

The European Parliament is particularly experienced in negotiation, consensus and compromise. What is more, the overwhelming majority of MEPs have a very calm and rational view of Brexit, recognising the need for cooperation and not hostility. I sincerely hope that the vote focuses the minds of negotiators, and that the European Parliament will be in a position to help drive more effective negotiations. This is how I will continue to represent the South-West, and this is the only way I can foresee a collegiate conclusion.

I want to stress that while I have always respected the democratic position of the British people, I have never agreed to silently acquiesce as our country heads towards a cliff edge, with no deal and a complete withdrawal - what Kenneth Clarke accurately called a calamitous act of national self-harm. The constituents of the South-West elected me to represent their best interests, not to preside over wanton economic self-harm.

I know many constituents do not agree with me but we still live in a democracy with the right to free speech. I cannot change my mind on an issue of such magnitude based on a party whip. I have always put my constituents and country first and will continue to do so. This does not make me undemocratic, indeed I believe I am doing my duty in protecting the interests of the 48%.

Yours sincerely

Julie Girling"

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Julie is currently my MEP and I have written to her for an explanation