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A calm and measured performance by the PM.

His political priority now must be to sack Gavin Williamson, who is so far out of his depth as a front rank politician, that it is embarrassing. Yesterday's humiliating U Turn on London schools is at least the fourth occasion since last Autumn that the hapless Education Secretary has dumped a large pile of political manure at the door of No.10.

How many more chances does Williamson get ?

It is all the more baffling when we have some excellent Cabinet Ministers already in place who could step up at Education - Liz Truss, Therese Coffey and George Eustice spring to mind, in addition to "wasted talents" on the backbenches like Sajid Javid and Jeremy Hunt.

All would do a better job at Education than Williamson.

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The bottom line is that Theresa May and the soggy Left/ Centre of the Party lost our majority, and couldn't beat Corbyn.

Boris, Dom and Lee Cain delivered us an 80 seat majority, our best election result since '87.

Books like this need to be seen in that context.

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The decision to put Kent into Tier 3 is morally, scientifically and intellectually indefensible.

It is going to force many hundreds if not thousands of SMEs to go bust before Xmas.

In an area that is totally dominated by Conservative MPs, not a single one of them has been able to come forward and defend this policy in public (even the ambitious careerists like Laura Trott).

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The last 24 hours feels like something of a tipping point.

We have had multiple cock ups in the last 9 months, from PPE to track and trace to exam results. But needlessly putting huge areas like Kent into a totally unjustifiable (and unexplainable) tier 3 lockdown is basically a Conservative Government putting a gun to the head of many thousands of SME's.

Our people.

Mrs Thatcher would not have countenanced such an idea.

It is going to be VERY INTERESTING to see how the Parliamentary Party reacts at the vote next week.

Time to put Conservative principles, and concern for the decent hard working people of this country, ahead of personal ambition.

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The decision to place the whole of Kent in Tier 3 is both illogical and inexcusable.

It is going to force many businesses in the County into the wall. They should have localised the restrictions around Swale.

We have a number of very career- orientated Conservative MPs in Kent, including Ms Trott in Sevenoaks. It will be very interesting to see how they vote next week.

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Its just you.

The report pointed to numerous examples of where unelected and well paid Home Office officials had disobeyed management instructions and Ministerial directions. What was Priti supposed to do in such circumstances ...smack their bottoms with a rolled up copy of the Guardian?

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10/10 for hypocrisy, Mr Dugher.

FOBTs were introduced into the High St in 2003 by a Labour Government, and flourished for 7 years under Labour thereafter.....ruining tens of thousands of lives.

It took a majority Conservative Government (well done Tracey Crouch) to put an end to them.

Michael Dugher supported unregulated FOBTs as an ex Labour MP.

Apart from his new six figure salary, what changed?

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If the Scots really want independence, lets let them have it.

Labour can't win a General Election in the UK without 30-40 Scottish Labour MPs.

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Complete rubbish from Paul Goodman.

Ben Wallace has been wrangling with Sunak over an increase in UK defence funding since before Biden was even selected as the Democrats candidate.

Its great to have a Conservative Defence Secretary who who actually acts like one - a massive contrast to his predecessors Private Pike Williamson, and the drab bean counter Phil Hammond.

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The Government has made a huge strategic error ditching Dominic Cummings.

The only people who are happy tonight are the left wing media (Guardian, Mirror, Channel 4) and the useless, rich, posh Home Counties Tories who were jealous of DC, and have never achieved a thing themselves.