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Please don't try to educate these people. This is why I'm losing hope that the republicans will do any different than Obama. In other words we're screwed left or right.

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scare tactics...

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Good there's no telling what's in these shots you can't trust everything the government wants you to do.

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Idk about all of this, a story came out where Cain hugged and talked to the latest bimbo at a tea party rally a couple months ago. Now he claims he never met her? Not saying that he did or didn't do this I'm just saying if you're telling the truth tell us the whole truth.

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Agreed, the initial purpose of the OWS has its merit. During this depression there have been countless people who have made large sums of money by exploiting the system at the expense of the economy. Now here we are years into this mess and not a d@mn person has been put in jail.... It's just disgusting how this has turned out and it seems even the republicans haven't done anything to reign in this gross corruption. My initial assumption is they are involved as well.

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Not just the liberals are screwing us don't thing for a second the republicans aren't screwing us just as fast. Both parties want more control of us.

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Too bad this modern day filthy hippies can't see they are being played by the other half of the enemy, the politicians. If it weren’t for them the companies wouldn’t have an advantage of their competitors by making laws to benefit them or paying off officials who are suppose to keep their legality in check. Now if the ideals of OWS and the Tea Party came together, then we’d be talking about change.

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CEO win, protester fail

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exactly right deleted, we are wasting our time and taxpayer money while someone in the behind the stage is making a killing off these wars.

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So rather than leave and let them take care of themselves you'd rather we lose more and more of my generation. Spoken from a true politician, they make the wars we fight them. You should think about running for some office.