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I hope Mr Gimson did not have to pay for his copy of the book.

I look forward to a full report into Bercow’s behaviour and the Labour Party’s decision to overlook his bullying because of his partisan stance. Both merit detailed dissection in the full glare of public spotlight.

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Johnson’s deal is basically the same as Labour’s alleged criteria for a deal. Labour voting against is just another signal to their ex-voters (and some current ones) that the Labour Party values the votes of Remainers more highly than Leavers and the Labour Party belief that the Leavers were just too stupid to realise what they voted for.

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Not before time that questions, not only as to fishing rights but the abject record of the SNP in the use of their devolved powers, were raised and sturgeon required to account for the abysmal SNP record.

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Certainly the Remoan commentariat who like to mention Boris’ middle name and were telling us how the EU would never reopen the deal are looking very silly.

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She lied to her electorate and the Party. Hardly surprising she is gone. The Party is better and stronger for her departure. Sandbach of course accuses others of a vote not going the way she wanted. Sounds familiar somehow......

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I think we are all hoping it will be a lot less than a year.

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Hammond was a mediocre Chancellor, a failure as a politician and even worse at economic forecasting. Disagreeing with him on almost everything Brexit related makes me feel much more confident that the outcome will be closer to my view than his.

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Well done Home Secretary. (Have not been able to say that for a long time.)

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This same Gauke who was a leading driver behind May’s capitulation which attempted to subvert the result of the referendum, tie the UK even more closely to the EU and earned the Conservative Party somewhere under 10% of the vote at the last national election. And having ensured Boris cannot do a deal via the Surrender Act, he now presumes to preach to the Conservative Party on election strategy.

It does not take a genius to figure out where to file advice from this man who thankfully is not, and no longer will be, a Conservative Party MP.