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What I can’t take is the BBC’s practice of constantly ramming its political correctness down our throats. I am heartily sick of being lectured on ‘diversity’ in which those who present or participate in so many BBC programmes have to tick a box or meet a standard, based on Greg Dyke’s hilariously ridiculous claim that the BBC was ‘hideously white’. Really? Hideously? We’re still basically a European nation, you know.
But what really enrages me is the fact that expressing this point of view will now be deemed ‘racist’ by those who do not believe in free speech.

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To use the law as the final arbiter in matters of government is to assume that the judges are infallible human beings who are above criticism – which of course is hogwash. Firstly they are not subject to the democratic process. And from a historical objective, it was not all that long ago that judges could and did sentence little girls to hang for stealing a handkerchief.
After the dismal showing of the so-called Supreme Court in thwarting the will of the government, our legal system needs updating if for no better reason than that they frequently use dogma to bring decisions which offend the people’s sense of natural justice.
A good start would be to cut ourselves adrift from the ECHR.

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Utterly fed up with the BBC – and not just for their woeful coverage of Brexit. What has griped me ever since Greg Dyke made the idiotic comment about it being “hideously” white (hideously?) is the BBC’s patronising approach to what they deem a top priority and ramming their devotion to “diversity” down our throats from morning till night, with Sky News not far behind. I now go to LBC for my news, although they too have their share of presenters I find it difficult to listen to. Am currently investigating the new “Critic” for current affairs.

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I once went to a meeting of town councillors of a major town where the mayor and all the members were from Pakistan. The only agenda item was "Azad Kashmir!" (Free Kashmir) and we were invited to contribute, politely declined. Local issues did not figure,

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Bigots? What price freedom of speech for people who want to shut us up?

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There's a programme on LBC at the moment in which the presenter is deploring the rise in unsolved "hate" crimes. Since this is taking place after the recent horrific Islamist attack, could there be some connection perhaps? If so what is the answer? Longer prison sentences for hate crimes?

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There are parts of Luton and many other city centres where I feel I ought to take my passport with me. I could be visiting Karachi since most of the people I meet do not speak English in the street and all wear shalwar/kameez outfits. They are now protected from comment by the wretched "hate" laws which is having a terrible effect sometimes on the matter of law and order, since no one wants to say the obvious for fear of a visit from the constabulary.
I do not blame people for seeking a better life if they live in unstable or oppressive countries. But if they come here they should conform and become British subjects in the full sense of the word - like the Huguenots and the Jews before them.

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What happened to the wretched Bercow in the honours stakes? Nothing I hope.

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And your point is??

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One Nation? It’s not just the possibility of the Celtic fringe of Scotland and now, N. Ireland walking away from the Union, we need to look at England itself.
Yesterday “Stormzy”, a rapper, called the country “100% racist” and told a class of schoolkids that Boris Johnson was a bad man who would blow their house down. Time for a fact check. UK is one of the most tolerant, if not the most tolerant country in the world - we have welcomed refugees into our now over-crowded country for many years, including Huguenots, Jews and others, most of whom have made a good and positive contribution to our country and of whom, but not all, we now feel proud.
Stormzy should lighten up a bit. To act as a one-man grievance factory is to store up hatred in those immigrants and their progeny who do not find it easy to fit in, which has already given rise to tragic events on our streets and in our parks. If we are “100% racist”, how does he classify those countries where people of his background have mounted a “Black Lives Matter” campaign against being shot down in the atreet?
I hear some raps have a “Kill Whitey” theme. I do hope Stormzy can find it in himself to condemn this raw, nerve-grating expression of hatred.