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So what do you prescribe, brian - should we continue to heap opprobrium on Boris until he walks away? Don't you think the blame game has gone far enough? And in the inevitable corollary to your prescription, will you continue to blame Boris's successor when he too is faced with an impossible task?

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If ever there was a time for panic and hysteria, it’s now. The death toll from this dreadful disease is horrifying – but is it all the fault of one person? Over the past year Boris has been execrated by Lord Sumption and the Daily Telegraph for not leaving it up to the individual and to avoid strict lockdown for the perfectly valid reason that it is torpedoing the economy.
But now Boris is being anathematised for not clamping down sooner as the NHS is being swamped under the huge numbers of victims of this awful plague.
Yesterday a nasty little creep from the left-wing media demanded that Boris accept personal responsibility for the deaths, whilst some silly moo from a left-wing paper wanted to know if he had written to the bereaved – as if any one person could with so many of them.
I hate to say this, but I remember being bombed by the Luftwaffe in 1942, when the blame culture, so much in evidence nowadays, did not exist. Our population then did not panic though and certainly did not blame British politicians for an evil wished on us by a foreign power.
So lay off Boris and get on with it - you know what to do.

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Quite right AuntEadie - and I strongly support the comments you made yesterday.

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All the time we include China and India as beneficiaries of the British tax payers' largesse, Mark Garnier should just shut up. Is he a real Conservative or a bunny-hugging liberal?

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The Scots pride themselves on their difference from the English. They need to be reminded of their origins. When Julius Caesar overran Britannia, the ruling tribe in the Edinburgh region was the Gododdin (Votadini in Latin) and they spoke early Welsh. They, the lowlands, were overrun by the Angles and then spoke a form of English - never Gaelic – sharing a common heritage with their English cousins. However they have managed to engineer a gigantic chip on both shoulders and profess, some of them, to loathe their brothers down south.
So now they are intent on destroying what has been one of the most successful unions in the world and rebuilding Hadrian’s wall, heedless of the problems Scotland – and less so England - will face if they do.
Pity really.

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Do you really think we have not done our research into this matter before wheeling it out?

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How depressing though, to learn that huge Dutch trawlers are still being allowed to plunder our fishing grounds while British fishermen have to watch their catches rot due to the wall of customs requirements imposed by the EU - which is still intent on giving us a good kicking for the temerity of getting Brexit done.

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Suspicion is growing. Is it not significant that while the rest of the world - us in particular - are watching their economies crumble and hospitals get overwhelmed, China, where the problem originated, alone has a booming economy and a tiny incidence of the disease? If the suspicions materialise it will indicate human wickedness on a monumental scale and a doomsday scenario when the world erupts with rage.

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And with the NHS facing collapse, WHS, as 1 in 50 of the population - a lot of whom are going to die - are now infected by this dread disease, along comes Desmond Swayne:- End of lockdown! A return to normality! And we'll all live happily ever after.

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Perhaps Boris needs a crystal ball, Moody.