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Wow, from the comments, I'd say that not many of these folks either watch, listen to, or even know this man. He is a true patriot, fearful of the future of this country, he wants his Children to have the same opportunities that he had, and he sees those opportunities being snatched away by bigger government, and run amok political correctness. Those of you who object to him having a key to the city, send him to the Midwest, I'd like to give him the key to my State ! GO 9/12 ers!!!!

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Look here, Hillary Clinton wants to turn over our sovereignty to the rest of the world !!!!
what a grand idea lets let everyone else in the world decide on what the laws of the US should be. One more step in burning our Constitution before our very eyes!!

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You sir, have a great understanding of where the current events are heading. This is exactly the goal of our current administration, and one is left to wonder why there is no media coverage of this in our politically correct world. Heaven forbid that we offend the muslims of this country by pointing out these goals, however a worldwide caliphate is exactly what is proposed. This is also the entire reason for the "freedom doctrine" so that only one viewpoint can be heard....who's view do you think it will be ?

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In addition to your ideas, how about some tort reform, and reform on frivilous lawsuits. My Dr. tells me that in the last 5 years his malpractice insurance has increased 210%, though he has never had a suit against him. Lets also cut out the amount of money spent on fraudulent claims to medicare (this costs billions a year), the only reason this is so easy, is because there is little to no investigation done on fraudulent claims. And lastly lets require proof of citizenship before we blindly allow many of these claims.

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OK, lets listen to what he is saying, and consider that it is all lies since he hasn't (admittedly) read the bill. 1) This will reduce health care costs for all Americans. Then explain to me who is paying that 1.3 trillion dollar bill ? 2) This will make health care more efficient..... By adding another governemnt Agency to muddy the waters more ? 3) This will make health care available to all people. Uh...the last I checekd I've never seen anyone with an injury / serious illness thrown out of a hospital. When we are told that they want to "Reform health care" it means that they wish to take the best health care in the world, and make it the WORST. When BO says he wants to "Change America" he does....into a facist dictatorship with himself as the leader. This bill, much like cap and tax is designed to steal freedom, money, incentive, and power from the people and deposit it in the hands of the federal government.

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N.Korea today, this is also law in Iran, Saudi Arabia, and many muslim countries. With our "sleeper cell" government it probably won't be long until this happens here.

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Nahhh...he's only half a moron :)

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Funny how this comment didn't make the evening news though........Aren't these the same people who thought that GW was an idiot ?? Wow, how nice that we ahve the liberal best and brightest !

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And it was given unto the beast that none should buy or sell lest they have the it just me ? or is all the rest of us who cling to our guns and our religion seeing some parallels here?
We know this is coming, and BHO is placing us so far in debt that we will have no choice as a nation than to go with a world currency. Begin, my friends, looking to the hills from whence our help cometh.

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Reality check..this has NOTHING to do with the environment, and everything to do with BIG GOVERNEMENT, and BIGGER TAXES. This enormous spending machine we now know as the federal government has gotten so big that it needs to be runs off the backs of its people, and their earnings. This administration, I beleive, was designed to take the light of freedom from the world, and place it in bondage to the elitist attourneys who are members of the government. Our freedom is being siphoned away with our hope of ever straightening this mess out. I fear that when the Libs are finished that all we know as America will be the name only. If the bill is read correctly, then this allows the feds to set the limits anytime,and in any manner they choose (kinda like income taxes), and they have the ability to raise the fines at will. That great sucking sound you hear is our government vacuum coming to get your savings, and anything else you may value.