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You have to understand the business end of all this. I own an industrial service company and I cannot buy American because American products are not available. If they were the cost is so out of touch with the industry it makes it impossible to compete.

Second, our esteemed government forced companies to sell their technology to China, Japan, N and S Korea, and a host of other countries. At first mostly smal items then they got larger and larger. As time went on these countries perfect our technology and found ways to automate the entire operation. Also, they perfect the process in which to make these items cutting costs(not just labor) to produce these products. Because of this America slowly became non-existent in the manufacturing world. We make nothing, we only consume. But, just as what happened with the housing industry, it was crackpot policy that cause the failure.

Now, let's look at unions. I was working at GM's Willow Run Transmission plant. It's shear size is a marvel in itself. As I was working on a machining cell one worker looked on with curiosity. He eventually asked how he could be part of my industry. He asked, "How much will I make?" At the time I was making just under 80K/yr. He said and I quote," oh, that's a serious pay cut for me. I made $117,000 last year and anticipate slightly more this year." His job! Sit in a chair and load a part into a machine and hit a green button. That's it.

Unions were at one time good. But now it is simply legalized robbery of the consumers tax dollars and consumer dollars.

If they want China out, then they need to cut their pay to a place where we can afford to buy these low products. Otherwise, we are subsidizing the pillage of a band of thieves. Unions can go to hel#$%%@

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Because of the lackluster way we are approaching them, they have regrouped and been further emboldened. I know that if our guys are released to their job the right way, that these guys couldn't get them. Much less ever get anything.

We must move at lightning pace to close them down. No more messing around.

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Well you are correct. The repubs do keep the peace. But these days the sheeple aren't worried so much about be killed from attack so much as they are about losing their right to free tv, cars, houses, and whatever entitlement they feel they have earned through birthright.

He will take credit not for the readiness but for how good he makes them feel about that check in the mail. The repubs are a lost cause and a pack of whimpie losers who need their momma to spank their asses. Conservatives and Libertarians will eventually gain power again but it will take 2 terms to correct this crap laid before us and our eternal offspring. Sad. I was once a free man.

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Yep he's a jackass...

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No not a double standard. They attack because they have no other route. If you ever argue with a lib they just yell and scream about this and that. Call you names and simply degrade you to the lowest level. They have no argument. Just gripes.

Liken it to the show Whale ???? on discovery or whatever. One show, there was a whaling vessel that had taken a large whale. These animal rights people rammed the other ship with there own ship risking the lives of both ships crew. They rammed it with tears in their eyes. In other words, they have no sense of reason because they rely on emotion to lead their way.

Without common sense and relying on emotion as a guide you will not only harm yourself but harm the entire group. This is why they attack on an emotional level. To bring you into their triangle.

So, the only way to fight them is with a clinched fist and and a firm resolve pushing through and acting as if they do not exist.

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I suggest prior to becoming empathetic to the plight of the iranian people, you read all the history of the country. They are not a people who reflect democracy. Nor will they ever reflect it. They believe in pure and simple Sharia Law.

Second, having Achmedenjad(?) stay president helps us rather than hurts us. The other guy believes the same thing and would carry out the same kill America agenda, but he would do it so you felt good about it. Much the same way BHO does to us. He started their nuclear program.

Lastly, BHO is doing the right thing. It's their problem. Getting involved only shows we care less what other countries want and only taking over the world. We are right but we not have the right to infringe on their political system regardless of whether we like it or not. Bottom line.

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You get it....

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Where do we send the cash? Glad to show support.

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Maybe Michelle has more balls...... Looks like one mean ho.....