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Not a fan of HiE but this one is kinda cute.
I definitely won't go "Bleh! Ponies are disgusting!". I wonder if a human who fell in love with an MLP pony would be ok in their eyes, like Spike and Rarity, or are humans too ugly to them (c'mon. Even dragons are huggable plush toys in Equestria).

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Boy, all this fuss over something that didn't have to be made in the first place (yes, that means Equestria Girls)?
One non-canon experiment?
I don't think I can choose a side here, I mean EQD is famous for being... forgive me, but absolutely devoided of any criticism, for whatever reason, that's not really important right now. No matter how much I didn't agree with some of the articles (Oh, and I did) I didn't care because EQD is a pricate blog, that is mostly useful when there is new season, so people can watch it without trouble and discuss it *live*.

Equestria Girls is not something to really lose sleep over. It was Hasbro's testing ground, one of many and probably the one that sucks the most (it wasn't ALL terrible but it's clear it's a remake of the pilot episodes and some sort of "You happy? Now fuck off and let us do new episodes."). Maybe it was just to show off the toys' design, I don't know but I don't think it will do any major damage to the MLP.
Still there are many high quality MLP products, like the comics. And people should focus on that. I'm glad that more people are not happy with everything and that they have some quality control but this time honestly guys, this place is like IGN and should be taken with a grain of salt. It's just a place like that and people coming here should know what to expect.

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Get hype?

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le perfect boy

Man Twilight is getting punished lately.

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From not having any other purpose to be in this movie plus this whole blushing and how her friends tease her for it.
They can easily forget about him and bring him back, maybe at the very end (with some explanation of course as it's supposedly non-canon) and leave it like that with just implications because that's all that can be in MLP.
And thr fact how gratuitous it is and how Brad seems to be another perfect boy from fantasies angered a lot of people.
I admit he's pointless. And that it's Twilight makes it look like another way of telling "Twilight will now get everything and do everything".

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Everything I know is that it's very similar to the pilot with a shade of some other two-parters only with inferior... everything.

I don't know but unless it hurts the show in some way I'm ok with this. Sure it sucks that we most likely never get a "proper" MLP movie but in this age and day the fact that it's (apparently) non-canon with the show is enough.
It will happen, then go away, maybe with couple more articles criticizing it and that's all. No need for any raging or even for apologists to do their usual thing.

One thing that is kinda interesting is the character of Brad (I won't stop calling him that) despite the fact that he's barely there his role is questionable enough that he's the most intriguing thing about the movie. But before I can form a more concrete opinion about him I need to know more about his character.
So... does he have a guitar?

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How was I in cryosleep not to recognize things like that?
Anyway things look the way they look that's all I can say. *genius*

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Twilight's friends standing in the background. Again.

What if they have something important to do? Really not cool. Canterlot is a silly place anyway. Don't go there.