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I dislike Huckabee for many reasons. And I agree he should have shown much greater respect for the victims and their families by holding his tongue for a few days. But using this event to further an agenda began with Obama....."we must demand meaningful action" (or something close) But I agree with BDZ in thinking Huckabee was talking about the general coarsening of our civic culture that began in the '50's and has the banning of school prayer in the early '60's as a "Pearl Harbor" type event. The handling of the mentally ill is the real issue here (the Gabby Giffords shooter, the Aurora Colo. shooter and now Lanza nut jobs all) and the Left does not want to talk about that! Mr. Wehner is being as simplistic in judging Huckabee as he accuses Huckabee of being. But with my feelings about Huckabee, I can understand why Mr. Wehner wrote what he has written.

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America's most reliable allies...(alphabetically) Austrailia, Canada, Great Britain & Israel. Honorable mention to the Czech Republic & Poland since the fall of Communism.

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I could see Jim Parsons from "The Big Bang Theory" doing a great job as Bates. He's got a build and posture similar to Perkins and heaven knows he plays a huge weirdo (albeit benign) on TV.

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The author is wrong. There are no new Nimitz class carriers in production. The USS George H.W. Bush is the last of the class and has recently joined active service. The design of the carrier class that will begin to replace the earliest of the Nimitz class whe they begin to retire is not even completed yet. As of today, the US has no carriers under construction and none in the pipeline. Do better research.

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It is yours to use as you see fit! But if you record it and happen to win a Grammy, during your acceptance speech, just tug an ear as a hat tip! ;-)

Matt 6:33

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OK, here's "Marxists in New York" the tune of "Autumn in New York"...(with apologies)

Marxists in New York,
Why does it seem such a pity?,
Marxists in New York,
It spells the end of our city,

Fetid rank crowds, and dank smelly clouds,
Foul a park once so clean,
They're making me feel - I'm lost.

Marxists in New York,
They bring the promise of squalor,
Marxists in New York,
Are spreading nothing but pain.

Jokers with outstreched hands,
Make demands for another's lands.

It's Marxists in New York,
I weep to watch it descend.

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Nothing that has been revealed or said to this point has diminished my support of Mr. Cain. I believe his denials, and I also believe this to be a planned action to bring him down. For me, it would take a standard greater than "a preponderance of the evidence" to get me to change my mind about Mr. Cain. I would need an open admission by Mr. Cain to drop my support. And I am glad to see that many of Cain's supporters with much higher public profiles than me (about 99.9% of Americans) are also standing behind this fine American.

BUT, as conservatives we cannot-we must not-behave in any manner that is reminicent of the liberal feminists & other various Democrats who denied their own principals and positions and continued to support Bill Clinton well beyond the point where the case aginst him for his numerous sexual abuses of various women was made "beyond a reasonable doubt." If the allegations against Mr. Cain ever rise to that level, our first loyalty must be to our principals. It would break my heart.

Yet, I still do believe that this smear campaign is going to fail. Somewhere in this nest of vipers allayed against him is going to emerge another John Dean who is going to expose the entire cabal.

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How about a slightly speculative different take on the painting? What if Rockwell gave this work the title "The Connoisseur " as a sarcastic dig at the art that was popular at the time Rockwell painted it? I imagine the gentleman we see, gazing at the painting and thinking, "people are paying money for things like this?"

As to Herman Cain, this current kerfuffle will amount to nothing if Cain gets out in front of it, gets the NRA to waive the confidentiality restrictions and goes the full disclosure route. So far, nothing that has been reported has lowered my support for Mr. Cain.

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If we as a people petition those Divine ears, we will prevail. "The effective fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much". I am now and will continue to be a "Cain-iac". Always good to read your stuff MGM.

And BTW, my dad is "sir" (although I appreciate the salutation!), friends call me Dom.

Matt 6:33