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I shall buy local and buy British wherever possible. I have purchased online for items I would have bought in the sales locally.

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Perhaps smart cars should only be allowed in the outside lane once the have accessed the motorway and got up to speed which is usually 80 mph.
Flow theory in traffic with driverless cars could perhaps increase the speed that could be travelled.

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I did say on this site that Trump should not have been banned by twitter but I got alot of flack.

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free speech aint easy

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Banning Trump on twitter is a big mistake. I only have a twitter account to follow Andrew Neil. Twitter cant have it both ways lots of traffic but cutting it off when they dont like what Trump is saying to his supporters. You either believe in free speech or you dont .

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Trump stood up to China, he went into North Korea, he lead peace deals between Arab countries and Israel.

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Chris Green is my local MP and I voted for him at the last election. I emailed him regarding the problems being faced by volunteer retired medical professionals in helping with the vaccination programme.
Dont you just love the bureaucrats.

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There had to be a deal as no deal was bad for both sides but I would have been happy to leave on WTO rules.
Given what has happened since we voted to leave the EU I am sure that my vote to leave was correct.

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Operating Framework for Managing the Response to Pandemic Influenza

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Vaccines and 5 minute tests are myths we need to get on with our lives. People need to make their own decisions on how they live their lives.