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It doesn't guarantee your safety, but it increases the odds exponentially that you have a chance to defend yourself. Just like a seatbelt, doesn't guarantee your going to be safe in a car accident, but it sure can save your life.

Such a sad waste of human life. I feel so bad for this victim of deadly crime. Obviously society isn't getting any safer. Be prepared to defend yourself. That is all you can do.

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You can't legislate stupidity or common sense. Any attempt to do so will only damage the freedom and natural rights of those who are not stupid. As a veteran I swore an oath, and as much as I despise these idiots and their twisted view's there is no law that can fix this. Any law that tries to fix these people will only damage the good people. Society has the chance to put an end to these mentally unbalanced people by gathering together and exercising their free speech to protest the protesters. (The Patriot Guard is a great start, but the entire region can step in and help and prevent these people from reaching the funeral).

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A weapon is the equalizer that allows a 110 pound woman to prevent the 280 man from raping her. That does not make her wimpy. Not everyone is physically equipped and trained to defeat an attacker much larger or more powerful than themselves. (And nobody is superman and can defeat a bullet fired by an attacker) I'm sure there are some people who may carry for ego, but those same people drive souped up cars and have as much chance of driving through a crowd of people. A gun is a tool, nothing more. It can be used for good or bad. I'd rather be surrounded by armed citizens with good intentions than sheeple who prefer to be helpless victims.

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Thank you to the fire crews who put out the fire. You did a great job.

Thanks to your fast work, the house was not a total loss.

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I was on the archery range with those boys while they were interviewing. Their enthusiasm really makes me smile. Awesome group of boys. Just simply awesome!!!

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There is no more grievous crime than hurting a defenseless child. Only an inhuman monster can do that and does not deserve any place on this earth.

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There are exceptions to every rule, How many lives were saved by seatbelts for ever 1 that a particular freak accident managed to kill. What percentage of those killed by seatbelts would have died anyway because of the horrendous nature of the crash. Should everyone stop wearing seatbelts because 1 in 10,000 accidents happens in water and person could not get out?

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Remember, pursuit of "Life, Liberty", ring a bell. Get trained, get armed and be prepared to defend your life. It can happen to anyone anywhere anytime.

Mirages fire extinguisher comment is about as dead on as you can get.

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So I guess the children of idiots are just out of luck then huh? It has nothing to do with who's right it is, it has to do with helping those who cannot help themselves, as human beings we have a duty to help each other, we are a community. I'm not going to stand by and watch someone beat their kid half to death, and I'm happy with a system that may help prevent that same damage from happening to them in a car. Not much difference between the two.

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Its just common sense to wear a seatbelt, regardless of age. Unfortunately, there are enough people out there whose lack of common sense endangers children who don't know any better. Just get smart and wear a seatbelt. Not because its a law (can't legislate common sense) but because it can save your life. Duh